Amazon is knocking the door of smart home service
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As known to all,Amazon key was announced a few days ago and only Amazon prime members can first test this new product(or service),and some of those reviewers think that “convenience always trumps our privacy”,yes,once u accept this key means that u allow the delivery man to unlock the front door with Amazons cloud cam security camera overseeing,though,during this temperory accessement,it may happen that your cat would leave the house from the front door,and maybe the thieves would coming in and so on....Those are what we Amazon Key user in anxiety of,privacy and safety.

Anyway,I think that Amazon would improve privacy protection and Home safety,what's more,value-added service would be added to this key.See through the appearance to perceive the essence,this new release is just a Market Survey of Amazon's Smart Home Service System Plan,according to CNET,the service will launch in 37 US metro areas and is only available to Amazon Prime members.In the coming months.Amazon said it will let customers schedule in-home visits from tens of thousands of local businesses through Amazon Home Services, so you can schedule a cleaning service or plumber while you're out.

Vividly,Amazon sent a signal through this key and seems to annouce that it would knock open the Smart Home Service as next explosive growing point on condition that maintain a good reputation.So,don’t worry about this key,I believe that Amazon would make it.On the contrary,much more convenient and smart service need to be anticipated:
If Lohasled join in this plan it would be much more fun,a customized Lohas smart bulb may take place of the Amazon cloud cam security camera,anyway if possible,it would save u lot of money.