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The Best Smart Bulb Deals

Using Promo Code to Own App-Controllable Lohas Smart Bulbs 40% Off Their Prices

Finding that apart from providing convenience, smart bulb can be somewhat fun but also the easiest way for them to make their home“smart”, more and more people currently get around to replacing incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs with smart LED bulbs. However, many smart bulbs’prices in the market today sound a bit high and would even cost a ton of cash if you buy in quantity. Therefore, most of the smart bulb fans cease to advance during checkout and still on the way to search any deal posts for purchasing them with affordable price.

If you're the one who is also on the hunt for smart bulb but stop at its high price, congratulations! You have made your way here. In this post, we will offer you an promo code KUYRLYRF which you can use during checkout at Amazon to take 40% off the price of below 5 powerful and user-friendly LOHAS Smart LED Bulbs.

Note: This promotion will be expired in 07/29/2019 11:59 PM, so just stop hesitating and check out the product comparison chart below to find your favorite item and get them with such nice prices. Each title of the item below has been added the super link towards to its Amazon listing, which helps you to get your smart bulb directly via simply clicking on its title rather than wasting time on searching its key word on Amazon.

Product Comparison

LOHAS LED Retrofit Downlight Smart - Tunable White & Color
LOHAS Smart Light Bulb - RGB Cool White Light
LOHAS Smart Light Bulb - Daylight White

LOHAS Smart LED Candelabra Bulb - Daylight White
LOHAS Smart LED Candelabra Bulb - Daylight White & Color
Base E26 E26 E26 E12 E12
Original Price $29.99/Pack $26.99/Pack $26.99/2 Pack $47.99/4 Pack $29.89/2 Pack
After Code $17.99/Pack $16.19/Pack $16.19/2 Pack $28.79/4 Pack $17.93/2 Pack
Shape Round A21 A21 Candle Candle
Wattage 10W (65W Equivalent) 14W (100W Equivalent) 10W (75W Equivalent) 4W (50W Equivalent) 5W (40W Equivalent)
Lumens 680LM 1380LM 980LM 350LM 450LM
Color Tunable White Cool White Daylight White Daylight White Daylight White
Voice Control / Works with Amazon Alexa
/Amazon show /Google Home
Amazon Alexa
/ Siri /
Google Assistance
Amazon Alexa
/ Siri /
Google Assistance
Amazon Alexa
/ Siri /
Google Assistance
Amazon Alexa
/ Siri /
Google Assistance
Muti-Colored / RGB - -
(incompatible with Dimmable Switch)
Control from Anywhere
Scheduled Lighting
Scene Mode
Group Control

Always keeps our dear users in mind, LOHAS inclines to let all our customers start their smart lives by owning the most reliable and advanced smart LED bulb with affordable price. If you want to keep up with the latest and greatest deals of LOHAS LED bulbs, please follow our website here and @LOHAS LED on Facebook.