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Causes And Solutions For Succulent Leaves Curling Down

Causes And Solutions For Succulent Leaves Curling Down

Succulents are native to semi-desert areas, and many people think that these plants have very tough vitality. Can survive in any environment, just because they are easy to grow, give rise to such wrong thinking. As everyone knows, this kind of thinking will only cause them to have a lot of problems and die as a result. For example, succulent leaves are curling down, what should we do if we encounter this kind of problem? Here are some causes and solutions for succulent leaves curling down!


Why are my succulent leaves curling down?

When you find that your succulents are curling, it may be because of the following problems:
Too little or too much sunlight
Any one of these factors can cause a lot of damage to succulents and has no benefit to their health. However, in the face of these problems, the following methods can be used to solve them.



Excessive watering is the most deadly damage to succulents because if the plant is exposed to too much water and moisture for a long time, its stems, leaves, and roots will rot. This is also the reason why succulents can curl.
The simplest solution is to reduce the frequency of watering and just water the succulents according to their needs. In layman's terms, we can water the succulents when the soil is completely dry. As long as you master it well, succulents can grow healthily.


Absorb too little sunlight

Sunlight is also an important factor affecting the survival of succulents. Due to its growth habit, it needs to absorb a certain amount of light in order to perform better photosynthesis.
If it is because it does not absorb enough light, then it is recommended that you grow succulents outdoors in summer, or grow indoors in a well-lit area. In cold weather, it is recommended to use succulent grow lights.


Absorb too much light

Long-term exposure to the sun can cause succulents to get sunburned, causing the leaves to curl. The simplest solution is to let the succulents absorb 4-6 hours of sunlight in the morning and stay in the shade in the afternoon.

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