Best Solutions use For Succulent Leaves Falling Off
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By Debbie | 24 August 2021 | 0 Comments
Best Solutions use For Succulent Leaves Falling Off

Best Solutions use For Succulent Leaves Falling Off

What solutions should be used for succulent leaves falling off? First of all, succulents are plants that are very easy to reproduce. Especially it can be done with existing plant leaves and stem cuttings. As long as the fallen leaves are healthy and the base is intact, then these fallen leaves can be used for the next step of reproduction. Here are some best solutions use for succulent leaves falling off!


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In the previous article, I have mentioned several reasons for succulent leaves. The common reasons are nothing more than:
Excessive sun exposure or insufficient sunlight absorption
Cultivate succulent pots of inappropriate size
Insufficient drainage function of potted plants
These are the most basic reasons for the very common succulents to defoliate. There is a natural solution for a reason. The most important thing is whether everyone can solve this problem with all kinds of care.


What to Do with the Leaves Succulent Leaves Falling Off?

1. Grow succulents in drainage-friendly soil and potted plants

If you haven't started raising or are already raising succulents, you can replace the potted plant with a pot that is a few inches deeper than the roots. It is important to provide enough breathing space for plants. If the roots cannot disperse, it can easily lead to growth retardation. Then the leaves will fall off and so on.

2. The best time to water succulents is when the soil is dry

I don't need to say much about the harm caused by overwatering to succulents. Anyone who has had this kind of situation knows how serious the consequences of this hazard are. Therefore, be sure to water the succulents when the soil is dry. In addition, it is best to change your watering habits.

Special Tips:

1.Can be propagated using fallen leaves

Reproduction of undamaged leaves will help roots and new plants grow.

2.Use grow lights to cultivate

Grow lights can help home conditions can not absorb better sunlight so that plants can get good photosynthesis.


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