How To Pot a Succulent in the Right Way?
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By Debbie | 23 August 2021 | 0 Comments
How To Pot a Succulent in the Right Way?

How To Pot a Succulent in the Right Way

Although their maintenance costs are low, they also require a certain degree of care. To maintain the healthy growth of succulents, it is important to choose potted plants that are suitable for their growth. The best succulent potted plants must have a proper drainage system and enough space for them to grow. The content of the following article will tell you how to pot a succulent in the right way.

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Which is the best way for succulent pot?


1. Drain

In general, succulents do not need a lot of water to irrigate. But they need a good drainage system. Without this, excess water will accumulate at the bottom and cannot flow out, causing problems such as root rot in succulents. Therefore, choosing potted plants with drainage holes at the bottom is the best choice for succulents.

2. Size

It is necessary to choose a pot size suitable for succulent growth. The perimeter of the flowerpot of the right size should be about 5%-10% larger than the plant size. And also pay attention to leave no more than two inches of extra space on both sides of the pot. Potted plants that are too large will spread the fragile roots, and too small will prevent the succulent roots from spreading and growing.

3. Potted materials

There are many kinds of flowerpots on the market, such as plastic, ceramic, metal, and wood. For growing succulents, potted ceramics are particularly suitable. Their materials are all breathable, which can promote proper drainage and air circulation. However, for planting large succulents, it is better to choose plastic, so that it is not easy to break.

4. Design style

We should all know that in addition to improving the indoor environment, succulents are also good at decorating our homes. Different flower pots have different design styles. We can choose the right one according to the decoration style of the home.

It is particularly important to find succulent pot ideas suitable for the growth of succulents, especially before we buy succulents. In addition, if you want them to grow more perfect, you can try to match grow lights. Maybe it will give you a surprise!


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