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Do you know the working principle of Dusk to Dawn light sensor?

Do you know the working principle of Dusk to Dawn light sensor?

Compared with the lights we usually use, the Dusk to Dawn light sensor mainly has some improvements in the switching method. Common switches are mechanical switches, such as toggle switches, knife switches, and pull-wire switches, while the switches of the Dusk to Dawn light sensor are transistor electronic switches.

Dusk to Dawn light sensor transistor electronic switch

There is a new type of semiconductor device in the transistor electronic switch, called a photosensitive triode. There is a small transparent window on the top of the photosensitive transistor, which is convenient for light to enter. When the light is sufficient, the photon energy will be excited to generate many electron-hole pairs, which greatly increases the penetration current in the photosensitive transistor.

There is no mechanical contact during the use of the transistor electronic switch, so the safety is high. At the same time, the switching speed of the transistor electronic switch is very fast, and it only takes a few microseconds for the electronic switch to turn on and off. Therefore, within one second, the electronic switch can be turned on and off thousands of times as needed.

dusk to dawn light sensor night light

According to the advantages of transistor electronic switches, Dusk to Dawn light sensor is widely used in street lamp lighting. The ordinary street lights used before have many defects. For example, when the season changes, the plumber needs to adjust the switching time of the street lights in time. Due to the poor flexibility, a lot of electricity is still wasted; in rainy weather, dark lights often appear. The condition that the lights are not on and the lights are on at daylight not only causes a waste of electricity, but also affects the driving of vehicles on the road. The light-controlled street lamp can make up for these defects to a certain extent.

In addition to road lighting, with the gradual maturity of light control technology, light control switches have begun to be used in all aspects of production and life, such as cameras, monitors, electric curtains and other technological products, which have been cleverly combined with light control technology. . I believe that in the near future, light control technology will definitely bring us more surprises.

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