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How To Use A 3 Way - LED Light Bulb?

What is a 3-way bulb?

3-way bulbs are an extension of standard single-filament lamps, and they provide 3 lights instead of a single light. However, this kind of bulb has relatively high requirements for sockets, and a matching socket is required to use the luminosity of 3 brightness.

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So how do 3-way bulbs work?

In general, standard single-filament light bulbs only use a single switch to set the filament to work. But 3-way bulbs will work according to their rated power.
For example: 30W/70W/100W or 50W/100W/150W. You'll see that the first two numbers are the sum of the third number when you look carefully.

The 3-way bulb has the same screw-in base as the standard bulb. After screwing the light bulb into the base, one turn of the switch only illuminates the low-brightness filament, the second turn illuminates the 70W/100W, and when the switch is turned for the third time, the internal components work together to turn on the brightest filament.

Where are 3-way bulbs usually used?

Generally, there are more households, such as ceiling lamps and floor lamps, which all use 3-way bulbs. And they're so easy to buy, you can find a variety of different 3-way bulbs at almost any bulb retailer. Some large online platforms are also selling it, such as home furnishing websites: Lowe's or Home Depot. Secondly, many shops on Amazon that specialize in selling lamps.

Is there 3-way LED bulbs on the market?

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There are many LED light bulbs 3- way on the market to choose from, but the cost of these bulbs is relatively high, and the price is a bit more expensive than ordinary ones. They can make up for the upfront cost by using less energy and having a longer lifespan.

It is worth mentioning that 3-way LED bulbs are more environmentally friendly than other types of bulbs, and you can choose the type of light they emit. For example, you can choose white light, cool light, traditional yellowish luminosity, or white light that simulates sunlight.

It has the strongest point of other common 3-pain bulbs, which is that it will turn on immediately, it does not require time to warm up, and the heat generated will be less.

A little summary of the following LED 3- way light bulb:

1. Durable:
The service life is dozens of times that of ordinary incandescent lamps.
2. Energy - saving and power saving;
3. Instant turn on;
4. Wide range of applications:
Can be used in desk lamps, floor lamps, reading lamps, ceiling fans, wall lamps, living rooms, bedrooms and other places.
5. 3 different brightness;
6. Perfect Replacement:
3-way LED bulbs can directly replace incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs, saving 85% on electricity bills.

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