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Everything Need to Know About Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor

When we use various electrical appliances, the first consideration is whether it can save electricity. Nowadays, electricity is becoming more and more expensive, and many ways to reduce costs have come to the world. Especially for outdoor lighting, it needs more power-saving, otherwise, it will not only consume power but also consume the life of the lamp if it is turned on all night.

The development of technology has made a good solution to this problem-installing light sensors for outdoor lighting. This is the source of lighting from dusk to dawn.

What is the light sensor from dusk to dawn?

The light sensor usually refers to a device that can sensitively sense the light energy from ultraviolet light to infrared light and convert the light energy into electrical signals. To put it simply, it turns on automatically by detecting sunlight. When the sun rises, it will remain off; when the sun sets, it will automatically turn on the working model.

Under normal circumstances, many families will use these three methods to control our outdoor lighting, so that it reaches dusk to dawn.

1. Photocell and movement activation

This method is the lamp I mentioned above feels natural light to start its work. It is installed by photovoltaic cells, and some will have motion detectors. In addition to working by sensing changes in sunlight, they can also work by sensing the movement of nearby objects.

2. Time control

This method is actually to install a timer and use the customized programming information to activate the light within a specific time, which is more conducive to energy saving.

The combination of these smart sensor systems and lamps not only allows you to experience the fun of turning on the lights without having to do it but also saves energy, money, and costs. In addition, you can also experience an extremely powerful sense of security. They are like safety lights, illuminating your way home.