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Why Need Red Night Lights On at Night

If you're tired but still have trouble falling asleep; If you've been sleeping for a long time but still feel sleepy; Or if you often stay up late and feel sleep-deprived... You may need a night light. Then, according to the study saying that red light has a soothing effect on the body and is more beneficial to health than blue or white light, using red night light at night can help your body transition to sleep more quickly and naturally.

What are the Benefits of Using Red Night Lights at Night?
LOHAS LED Red Night Light that Helps You Sleep Better

What are the Benefits of Using Red Night Lights at Night?

Many families have the habit of using night lights, usually white or yellow lights. But a set of experiments conducted by neuroscientists at Ohio State University in the US showed that blue light from electronic devices and fluorescent light bulbs had the greatest effect on mood in mice, followed by white light. It is worth noting that the mice exposed to red light showed the opposite effect, with significantly fewer depression-like symptoms and better sleep. To sum up, it is better to use night lights in red rather than white light at night. And to give you a clearer idea of why red night light is better, we've rounded up some of the benefits of using it.

enlightened Red Night Light Helps You Sleep Betterenlightened

Unlike blue and white light, red light has no stimulating effect. Instead, with a low color temperature, it has a soothing effect on your body. Scientific experiments have also shown that "red light" contributes to the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps reduce the heart rate and relaxes the muscles. In short, red light can help you relax and sleep better. And among a variety of light colors, only red light has such an effect on the body.

enlightened Red Night Light Helps Increase Energy and Enduranceenlightened

Many people often feel groggy when they wake up. This is actually sleep inertia. According to a study published by a sleep research journal, red light has been proven to alleviate this sleep disturbance because of its ability to increase physical and mental energy and endurance. If you've had a hard day at work, being exposed to red lights can make you feel more energetic and focused the next day.

enlightened Red Night Light Helps Ensure Safety at Nightenlightened

Keeping the red night light on helps create a safer environment for both adults and children. Like other ordinary night lights, red night lights also have lighting functions. It lights up your way to the bathroom or kitchen, avoiding the danger of falling or colliding in the dark. It also lights up your child's room without disturbing their sleep. In this way they will no longer be afraid of the dark and will sleep peacefully all night.

LOHAS LED Red Night Light that Helps You Sleep Better

For your reference, we have found a LED red night light that is worth buying in terms of appearance, practicality and cost performance. LOHAS LED red night light is a kind of plug-in night light. Once plugged in, you can enjoy a soft red light at night without any complicated installation. Its also a kind of dusk to dawn night light. Equipped with a built-in light sensor, it can detect light intensity and automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Its appearance adopts ultra-thin small square, mini figure can save a lot of space, and will not block the use of other power outlets. The simple and elegant appearance makes it suitable for different styles of space, such as bedroom, living room, hallway, bathroom, etc. Thanks to the enengy-efficient and environmentally-friendly LED technology, the red night light provides a soft and eye-protecting light at just 0.3W, and the lower heat generation is safe for children and pets. All of these provide you with a safe environment, allowing you to sleep better all night.

We spend almost a third of our day sleeping, and poor sleep can lead to poor mental state or even illness, while red night light can help improve your sleep quality without the side effects of sleeping pills. Therefore, whether you have trouble sleeping or just want a night light, the red night light is a better choice.