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What is the real meaning of Thanksgiving?

Some ones would always say It is none of ur business! to others when feel angry of something.

But,is it really none of my business?

No!We all live on the same globe,breathe the same air,same water,every one of us is of great significance to any one other.No matter road cleaner or president of a country really matters,just imagine that one day all the city cleaners disppear from this world and what would happen?How about president?To some extent,a president is a leader who give us a world in good order and make it peaceful.Thanks giving from all these contributors from all walks of life.

And turn to businessman and consumers,some company servers complain to me that their customers always nibble.But I think that no body would ask for trouble if it is really nothing wrong with your product or service,I think that producters are growing up trough complaints.Thanks giving advice to Lohasled !

Hope You enjoy the delicious turkey with your family!
Happy Thanksgiving Day!