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Using the smart homes products is preferable, isn’t so?

A wide range of smart home products made their way into the world and changed the landscape. Other products that garnered massive success in 2017 were the smart control system, LED lighting bulbs, smart speakers, and digital assistants. Furthermore, devices such as LOHAS-LED and Google Home have been a massive success in 2017 and are now available in countries and regions like Australia, UK, India, etc.
According to a recent report, by 2023, the worldwide smart home market will reach up to more than $100 billion with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of almost 10% from the year 2018-2023. Because of this report, there is high chance many smart home products will make their way into our living rooms by the end of 2018 while keeping up with the four C’s that are control, comfort, connectivity, and convenience.
Illuminate your life with LOHAS smart light:
LOHAS-LED provides its customers amazing LED lighting solutions. They have customers from more than a hundred countries to which they provide excellent smart services to give them a lifestyle of health and sustainability. One such product that has garnered much following is the LOHAS Wi-Fi LED light bulb:
Specifications of LOHAS Wi-Fi LED light bulb:
  1. Control the light facility: you can control the light through your voice. You can turn your lights off and on, change the color of the light and do many more things with just your voice. All you have to do is ask, and you shall receive.
  2. It has an E12 base for decorative purposes: The LOHAS Wi-Fi LED light bulb comes with an E12 base, which is a small “candelabra” base. This base is used for decorative lights, which is why LOHAS Wi-Fi LED light bulb is a decorative light bulb.
  3. Candlelight feature: You can customize the light in a way that is suitable for you. Light can turn on gradually at a specific time. Waking up can become quite easier with this feature. You can set the light to 1% which will act like a candlelight so they can sleep soundly.
On top of that, there are eight modes to fit your specific mood, whether you want to do a home dinner, read, or just sit back and relax.
  1. Easy Wi-Fi control: You can control this light bulb no matter where in the house you are. This is possible because of Wi-Fi compatibility in the light bulb. The QR code needs to be scanned, and the app needs to be downloaded while keeping in mind the base of the light bulb to control it.
  2. No hue needed: With LOHAS Wi-Fi LED light bulb, there is no hue needed for it.
  3. It is multicolored: In LOHAS Wi-Fi LED light bulb, multicolored lighting is available. You can choose any color that you find attractive. While sleeping, you can turn the color of the light to Red as it is scientifically proven that red color will help you sleep better, not only that, the multicolor feature can be used for decoration as well.
Smart products are going to further change everyday life for years to come that is why LOHAS-LED is providing smart lighting products to people so that they can become a part of the future as well.