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A Simple Guide Of Grow Light For Succulents

In fact, some succulents can grow in cold climates, but these are only a few. Many succulents have to spend this cold winter indoors so as not to be damaged by frost. In addition, the photosynthesis of succulents needs to absorb sufficient light. This is to provide plants with the necessary process of growth, flowering, and reproduction. If you don't absorb enough light, your succulents will stretch out strangely and yellow. In severe cases, it can lead to death, so it is best to put a plant growth lamp on succulents in winter. Here is a simple guide of grow light for succulents!

Which indoor grow light for succulents is more suitable?

The two best grow lights for growing succulents in winter are fluorescent lights and LED lights. Both of these lamps are very suitable for growing succulents, but their usage is quite different.

For example, if your succulents live in a weather pattern like Southern California. To plant it in winter, you only need to use LEDs, and when the weather gets warm, you can put the plant in a place that can absorb the sun.

On the contrary, if the scope of your planting also takes into account your eyes and the overall appearance of the room, the fluorescent grow lights may be more suitable for your needs.

What color grow light for succulents?

Most grow lights on the market have a blue and yellow light. These different colors of light can stimulate different growth responses of plants.

Succulents generally prefer color temperatures between 3000K and 6000K. If you buy plant grow lights to stimulate the growth of plants, then it is recommended that you buy 6500K cold light. If you want to stimulate the plant to bloom, it is best to buy 3000K warm light.