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Can the led light be dimmed? How many dimmable methods for led light bulbs?

LED lights are one of the more choices in homes at present, because they are more energy-efficient and can help us save electricity. Can the LED light be dimmed? This is a problem that many consumers want to understand. There are several dimmable ways to the LED light. There are many ways to debug. You can adjust it according to the introduction today to meet your needs. Let's take a look at some common sense about LED dimming to tell everyone how to do it.

Can the LED light be dimmable?

1. Of course, this method of dimming is different. For example, the single-chip microcomputer controls the brightness of the LED, using PWM technology. The LED display can display different colors, and PWM technology is used to dim the three-color LEDs. As for the household LED lights mentioned by others, they can also be dimmed in two ways. One is to adjust the capacitance of the resistance-capacitance current-limiting circuit; the other is to use a thyristor to control the current conduction angle.

2. Ordinary LEDs are equipped with constant current LED ordinary drivers. If you want to achieve LED dimmable, you must use a driver with dimmable function, plus a dimmable switch, you can achieve LED lights dimmable. I have tried LOHASLED's LED dimming driver. They adjust the current at the output to achieve dimming of the LED. During the dimming process, the lamp will not flicker. I have been at LOHASLED for more than a year and the quality is not bad. I haven't found any problems so far.

How many dimmable methods for led lights?

1. Switch dimming

Switch dimming is to adjust the dimming through the power switch of the original lamp. No need to add any dimmer during use and installation, as long as the number and speed of the original power switch is continuously pressed, the dimming of the lighting fixture can be achieved to meet the individual Different brightness required. This dimming method has the lowest cost among all dimming methods. It can be used normally as long as it is replaced with a switch dimming lamp when it is selected, without any additional installation costs. The disadvantage of a simple switch dimming lamp is that it can only adjust three or four different brightness levels. It is impossible to adjust any brightness like linear dimming.

2. SCR dimming

The thyristor dimming method usually only needs to replace the original power switch with a thyristor dimming switch when in use, and achieve different brightness by rotating the knob of the dimmer. The advantage of this dimming method is simple and practical, the overall installation cost is relatively low, only need to add an SCR dimmer, is currently the most popular dimming method.

3. Analogue dimming

Analogue dimming needs to be configured with a 1-10V dimming switch during installation and use, and a set of 1-10V dimming signal lines must also be connected to the LED lamp driver for dimming. Although this type of dimming is ideal, the installation and wiring are more troublesome, which is why its biggest defect has caused a large amount of promotion.

4. PWM dimming

It can also be called digital dimming. It can be made into a wireless network through digital programming to perform 0-100% dimming. The dimming effect is very good, the overall cost is relatively high, and it can be used on smart occasions with relatively high requirements.

There is a difference between LED lights and ordinary lights. Can LED lights be dimmed? The answer is yes. There are different ways to regulate and control. There are several dimming methods for LED lights. The above also introduces related content. You can choose the dimmable methods according to your needs for lighting, and choose a comfortable light. The problem with lighting is exactly the difference between LED lights and ordinary lights.

Features of LOHASLED E12 base dimmable candelabra bulb

Dimmable LED Bulb--This E12 base candelabra bulb can be used to most of the dimmers, being able to adjust the brightness in your space anytime according to your special needs. This light is stable and pure, even at very low brightness.

High Performance--Replace 60w traditional bulb by 6w LED, saving over 85% on electricity bill of lights. You’ll need to change your light bulbs far less often.

Natural and Real Daylight--with daylight white 5000k LED bulb is suitable for your ceiling fan, table lamps, wall lamps, coffee house, chandeliers light, hallway lighting, hotel rooms/lobbies, restaurants, offices etc.

Fix to E12 base fixture-Designed to have the same shape and size as Edison bulbs with the standard E12 socket are perfectly fit most standard screw-in sockets, so you can replace your traditional bulbs easily.

Safe--Do not contain mercury, UV or IR, CE, RoHS, FCC, which can create a cosy and healthy environment for your family. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

dimmable led light bulbs

Different pros of LOHASLED E12 base dimmable candelabra bulb

If you're tired of the soft white, warm white light, you may try to use this simple E12 candelabra with daylight 5000k LED bulb, which can bring you the brightest lighting in the darkness.

Perfect Dimmable Function

This LOHAS dimmable candelabra light bulb can be dimmed by a dimmer switch, and we may choose the ideal brightness to suit our different using situations. It is convenient and practical.

A perfect choice for your home

Compared to the design of traditional globe bulb and the outlook of corn shape, it's more special and smaller with the E12 Candelabra Base, which can offer you a retro feeling.

CRI>80+ LED bulb

The dimmable light bulb with CRI 80+ can show the objects more real and vivid, and it is great for homeowners with daylight white 5000k.

No flicker lighting

No buzzing and flicker bulb will give off soft and comfortable light without harsh glares, bring a cosy environment for your space. No warm-up time required, when the switch is on, it will give out full bright for your home instantly.

Perfect replacement of dimmable led bulbs


Wattage: 6W ( 60W Equivalent)
Voltage: 110-240V
Lumen: 550 Lumen
Dimmable: Yes (by dimmer)
View Angle: 180°Degree