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Warm White Light or Cool White Light --- How should we choose?

When we are entangled in what type of LED lighting to choose, we will also wonder what color luminosity is more suitable for a certain area. Whether it is a light bar or a light bulb, there are three types of colors to choose from-warm white, cool white, and daylight.

The color temperature of the light plays a key role in the atmosphere of the area. No matter which area, it will look different if it is replaced with lights of different color temperatures.

So what is the difference between warm white light and cool white light?

1. Warm white light is the color closest to candlelight, which can create a strong atmosphere in the space. In addition, the light it produces is not the kind of strong dazzling light, which can make people feel relaxed and calm.

Applicable occasions for warm white light:

Generally, this color of light is more suitable for installation in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, weddings, cafes, corridors, and other places that require soft lighting.

2. Cool white light is opposite to warm white light. The cool white light will give people a lively feeling. Due to the relatively high brightness produced, it can see anything where the eye can see. Therefore, it is usually used in bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, and other areas to provide bright and clear light.

3. If these two colors are not in line with your idea, then fluorescent lamps may be what you are looking for. The color temperature of daylight is at the middle value of the other two colors. An appropriate color temperature and brightness will not cause you color troubles.

In Conclusion

We can choose the corresponding color temperature according to our needs, no matter which color it is, it can come in handy. The only difference lies in the sense of atmosphere, the atmosphere created by different light will have a certain gap.