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How to replace GU10 LED bulbs if they’re stuck?|LOHAS LED

Though this will not happen often, we will encounter such a situation where GU10 LED bulbs get stuck when we need to replace them.

Looking for a way to resolve this? Read the following guides:

Why my GU10 LED bulbs get stuck?

What do I need to prepare in advance?

Follow the below steps if everything is under control.

How can we avoid such problems?

Why my GU10 LED bulbs get stuck?
There are two reasons that may explain this.

  1. GU10 LED get stuck because there isnt any space to twist. When GU10 LED bulbs dissipate heat in cold days, the base of GU10 bulbs and the lamp holder will become moist. The whole bulb get stuck when increasing dust meet with the moist surface, leaving no gap between the socket and the bulb.

  2. Your GU 10 LED bulb produces too much heat, making the lamp holder twisted out of shape. In this case departing the lamp holder and the bulb may require extra help.

What do I need to prepare in advance?

Safety is always the top priority. Before we get started, we need to take some measures to protect ourselves.

Prepare safety goggles, long sleeve shirt and insulated gloves, etc,. These items will protect you from injury if the GU10 LED bulb breaks. And dont forget the tools. You will need a ladder to reach to the light bulb. It would be better if the ladder is also insulate. Whats more, an insulated scewdriver may help to clean the dust. Prepare all of them in advance.

You also need to replace the GU10 LED bulb in the day. Because you need to cut off power before replacing the GU10 LED. With sunlight illuminating the room, you can see clearly inside the light fixture.

Follow the below steps if everything is under control.

Tab the bulb with the bottom of the screwdriver or your hand wearing the insulated glove. Shaking may loose the dust also. Twist and apply force clockwise. If it doesnt work, try counterclockwise but not pull it down. GU10 LED are bayonet-type bulb, so it will not work if you pull it down. Remember to control your strength and rotate the bulb for several times. This usually works when a light bulb gets stuck because of dust or ashes.

But if your GU10 LED bulb get stuck due to overheating, you may need to take the whole light fixture down. Even though the fixture seems still works, you had better change the whole light fixture because it will cause other dangerous situation, such as electric shock. As we mostly use GU 10 LED bulbs in recessed downlight and spot light, changing a single spot light is not a hard work, but a downlight will need extra help. If you think this is challenging, You can ask a professional engineer for help. When they are operating, watch what they are doing so that you will know what to do for the next time.

How can we avoid such problems?

A safety GU10 LED is the answer. Take this LOHAS GU10 LED light bulbs landscape lighting as an example, it introduces aluminium and plastic in the shell of the LED bulbs, increasing its ability of heat dissipation. This will prevent the LED bulbs and the socket from distortion due to overheating. Besides, the GU10 LED light bulbs for landscape lighting produce less heat than a GU10 halogen and consumes only 5W while offering the same brightness of a 40W halogen GU10 bulb does. This is totally a perfect option to avoid GU10 LED light bulbs getting stuck.