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What Are The Full Spectrum Grow Lights?

The use of LED grow lights in crop cultivation has grown significantly. However, there are thousands of plant lights on the market. If you want to choose the right one for your plant growth, you must spend more time understanding its various knowledge, especially the spectrum of the plant light. How to pick the right spectrum to maximize photosynthesis in plants can be very challenging. This article will discuss what are the full spectrum grow lights?

What is full spectrum led grow light?

Traditional plant growth lights usually use a combination of blue and red LEDs. We can judge whether it is a traditional plant growth light by the pink-purple light emitted by the lamp. But the traditional grow light spectrum is far from the full spectrum.

Definition of Full Spectrum LED Growth Lighting:

The strict definition of full-spectrum means that the spectrum of energy ranges from ultraviolet to infrared, not very different from natural sunlight. Light sources with this spectrum are usually white. Compared to traditional grow lights, full-spectrum often uses phosphor coatings, which help take light from a single narrow wavelength range (such as 460 nm blue) and convert it to a wider range of longer wavelengths ( e.g. 600 - 700 nm red).

Wider visible spectrum coverage can be achieved by coating blue LEDs with a mixture of green, yellow, and/or red phosphors. Because phosphors emit many different wavelengths of light, the result is a balanced mix of colors, resulting in white light.

What is the role of led full spectrum grow light?

LED grow lights are a type of energy-saving light most commonly used by indoor and greenhouse farmers and cannabis growers. LEDs can be used as a single light source or as a supplementary light source, and the use of full-spectrum lighting can help plants grow. And can achieve very low cost.

Many growers will use LED lights to expand the range of plant growth. Given that the physiology and morphology of plants are strongly affected by a specific spectrum, LED grow lights can effectively promote the growth of crops at specific times of the plant's growth cycle.