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LED Bulb Shape Guide - A19 Bulb

Recently, light bulb has taken many shapes, types, and bases, which can all be overwhelming while searching for a replacement. Then, when you gone over to the light bulb section at the hardware store, you've probably seen bulbs with sizes like A19, E12 or E26. According to what we've said early, e12 and e26 both refer to the bulb bases, but what exactly does an a19 bulb mean and how you choose anyway with various bulb bases and types on sale? Just find out in this week's post!

What is an a19 bulb?
Dimensions of an a19 light bulb.
Where is an a19 light bulb used?
A19 bulbs must always use e26 base, but not all e26 bulbs will be of a19 shape.
What kind of a19 led bulbs does LOHAS-LED have?

What is an a19 bulb?

Reference: A-series light bulb from wikipedia

To start it off, it is first important to know what does the term "A19" mean. Apply to all A-Shape ("Arbitrary") bulbs, "A" is used to describe the bulb that commonly has a pear-like shape, while the number that follows the "A" within the A series indicates the width of the bulb in one-eighth inch units or in millimeters. Therefore, an a19 light bulb refers to the bulb that has a diameter of 19 divided by 8 inches, or approximately 2.4 inches. (Alternatively, this can be calculated as 19 multiplied by one-eighth of an inch).

Plus, an a19 bulb typically comes in outputs ranging from 20 watts up to 100 Watts in their incandescent forms. Then, much of the progress made over the past few years has been focused on developing and perfecting the a19 led bulb, which makes it become widely used in almost anywhere, including homes, hotels, and restaurants.

Dimensions of an a19 light bulb.

Like what we mentioned above, an a19 bulb has a diameter of approximately 2.4 inches by definition. But in countries that use the metric system, a19 light bulbs can also be called A60, where 60 refers to the diameter in millimeters. Then, in North America, governed by the ANSI C79.1 standards, the standard maximum dimensions should be produced within its dimensional requirements, which are given below:

The Maximum Dimensions of A19 Light Bulb

Maximum Diameter of A19 Bulb

Maximum Length of A19 Bulb
A19 Light Bulb 69.5 mm 112.7 mm

Where is an a19 led bulb used?

As we've said earlier, the size of the A19 bulb will not make a difference most of the time, but it can be screwed in tons of fixtures that are able to accommodate the larger measurements.

With its omni-directional light distribution, the A-shape light bulb especially the a19 led bulb has become one of the most versatile bulb shapes and been equipped with various functions. For the summer nights, screwing an yellow led bulb helps make your home less visible to flying insects but without eliminating them. For a festive feeling, installing an color changing light bulb also enable you set the tone for themed parties or your favorite sporting team. Not only that, updating your porch lights to dusk to dawn light bulb will make your light auto turn on at the dark without any hand-manually, which perfectly helps you add extra security to your yard. The A19 bulb can be found in nearly one form or another for the following applications.

Table lamps
Ceiling fans
Hall lights
Wall sconces
Ceiling fixtures

A19 bulbs must always use e26 base, but not all e26 bulbs will be of a19 shape.

Shoppers of LED Light bulbs often confuse the specifications for base type (E26) and bulb shape (A19). Actually, a19 and e26 refer to different things, a19 indicates the bulb shape while e26 is the bulb base. Then, as A-shape bulbs usually have an e26 base that screws into sockets made for all kinds of residential light fixtures, though they are most common in table lamps and ceiling fans, in this case, you will find that all a19 bulbs use an e26 bulb base. However, you should also be aware that the opposite does not hold true: not all e26 bulbs will be of a19 shape, and some e26 light bulbs may even come in shapes completely different from a standard A19 or A-style bulb altogether.

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What kind of a19 bulbs does LOHAS-LED have?

LOHAS-LED offers an ever evolving selection of best a19 led lighting at the best pricing online! Shop our variety of a19 led light bulbs below:

Technical Details Comparison of LOHAS A19 LED Bulbs

color changing light bulb

a19 dusk to dawn light bulb

a19 yellow led bulb

a19 sensor light bulb

a19 led daylight bulb
Price $21.99/2 Pack $25.99/4 Pack $19.99/4 Pack $14.39/2 Pack $29.99/4 Pack
Lumen 450LM 500LM 450LM 950LM 2500LM
(Replacement Watt)
(60W Equivalent)
(40W Equivalent)
(40W Equivalent)
(100W Equivalent)
(150 - 200W Equivalent)
Light Color RGB &
Cool White
Daylight White Orange Yellow Daylight White Daylight White
Color Temperature 2700K-6000K 5000K 2000K 5000K 5000K
Base E26 E26 E26 E26 E26
Key Functions Controlled by Voice and APP Auto Turn ON or OFF Provide sufficient illumination
without attracting bugs
Auto Turn ON or OFF Light comes on instantly
when turned on
Dimmable × × × ×

In this article, we've offered you a comprehensive guide to a19 bulb which will help you identify its meaning, base and application. And with various type of a19 led bulb sold on LOHAS, there is always the one meet your need. Have all your question been solved here? If not, just feel free to letus know your results.