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How much water does a succulent need?

For most people, succulents are their first choice for growing indoors. Especially for those who are not good at growing plants. But no matter what kind of people you are, planting succulents requires learning a lot of things to give them the best care. However, how much water does a succulent need? Here is some knowledge that you need to know about it.

How often do you water your succulents?

Many people don't know how much water to water succulents is the best for plants. This also leads to succulents often having some inexplicable problems. According to my experience, I only need to do the next watering when the soil is completely dry between waterings. The frequency of watering is generally about once every two weeks, but you have to adjust the frequency of watering according to the climate.

How to tell when succulents need watering?

Judging the watering of succulents mainly depends on two conditions: the season and the succulents themselves. Generally, when the weather is warm, it is the best stage for the growth of succulents. At this time, you need to water once every two weeks. However, when the weather enters the cold stage, the succulents will be in a dormant period, during which time they do not need so much water, and you can even leave them without water. The frequency of watering at this stage can be changed to once a month.

How much water does a small succulent need?

Small succulents can also be watered according to the normal watering frequency of succulents. However, one thing needs special attention. Succulents must be grown in containers with drainage holes. Otherwise, your small succulents will die due to improper drainage. Don't worry if there is no drainage hole, you can put some stones in the soil and always pay attention to the growth state of succulents.