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So many kinds of smart bulbs in the market,but which one is the best and real smart bulb?
No-hues-in-need led bulbs is a new trend.

Recently,my friend Sam complained to me about his trouble:dealing with too many hues here and there,what really troubled him is that a hue bridge cost so much money that put him into a dilemma,you know that if u order a philips smart bulbs (or any hue bridge in need smart light),u need to pay for a 59.99 USD hue bridge whose price is as well as 2-pack bulbs,and if u want to replace a bulb and do not want to give up the expensive hue u need to keep buying bulbs of the same bulbs,but what if u dont like this brand yet?Than u ll meet the same problem as my friend.
In my points of view,convenience,easy to use and without any aftermath to cope with is the 1st standard to review a smart product.Someone may come up with a question:What is the main function of a hue?Is it really matters?In conclusion,it is a bridge to connect a router with a bulb,One pic may answer:( Arrow Means signal sending and connection)

So,a hue is just as a router but one differance is that it is a connection for unique brand bulbs,examle,a philips hue can only connect with a philips bulb,once u turn to another brand,a hue need to be abandoned.
How to deal with this problem?
Lohasled wifi light make it:

Less process and much more covenient!