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Why should u order a smart led bulb for ur other half?

Black Friday is on the way,no matter ladies or gentlemen are considering what to buy,it seems that buying something at a lower price is equipvalent to earning money just as Double 11 in China(An online shopping day when the price of any product can be as lower as 70% off and even more).
I have some advice for lovers to improve the relationships:
1.Lipstick.Winter comes,and cleft lips would destroy the romantic time.
10. Lohas Smart led bulb
This is an inpiration from my friend Sam.
Recently,my friend Sam complained to me that he live far away from his GF Susan and as a Bar worker he has to work deep into night and then the problem comes out:Susan can not bear such jet-lag between he and she and wanted to break up with him.As a problem left over by history, poor Sam did not know how to solve unless leave home and go ahead to the other half with Rose and Chocolate.Surely,Susan was softhearted.
Those few days,Sam discovered that Susan had installed a smart bulb in bedroom and can be controlled by an app called TUYA and can even controlled by Alexa,through the app colors of the light can be changed ,4 scenes are in choices and can also be controlled by others who are allowed.Why not equip this bulb in my room and then we can communicate with each other even if in a cold war,it is surely a nice tool to relax the atmosphere...