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How to choose the flashlight LED Bulb?

There are two very important indicators for choosing the right
flashlight LED bulb, one is the voltage at which the LED will run, and the other is the physical fit of the bulb. As long as we master these two indicators, there will be no situation where we do not know how to judge when selecting. The following is a detailed introduction to these two indicators:

Flashlight LED Bulb---The voltage at which the LED will operate

This usually depends on the number and type of batteries the flashlight needs, and while the bulb will be brighter at higher voltages, heat dissipation becomes an issue. This can lead to a condition called "thermal runaway," where the heat causes the bulb to continuously draw more current, which in turn causes more heat and ultimately damages the LED.

Flashlight LED Bulb---Physical fit of light bulbs

If you're looking to buy a plug-in or direct replacement bulb that doesn't require modifications to the flashlight or bulb, your best bet is to see if the flashlight manufacturer offers such bulbs. The bulb must be able to physically fit the socket into the flashlight and must have the correct polarity. Even if both criteria are met, it's worth noting that the type of bulb chosen may affect the flashlight's ability to focus the beam into a spot or flood.

Flashlight LED Bulb---Other indicators

  1. In addition to looking at the proper fit and voltage required for the flashlight LED bulb, there are other features worth knowing -- the luminous intensity or overall brightness of the bulb. Flashlight brightness ratings are usually measured in lumens, ranging from around 10 lumens on the smallest model. The luminosity of the bulb is the biggest factor in how much light it can project. The brightest LED flashlight bulbs can illuminate at least eighths. Objects one mile (about 200 meters) away. Multiple LEDs are sometimes used on a single bulb assembly for maximum illumination, and depending on the flashlight, the number of bulbs or wattage can be varied to produce different brightness levels.

    (2) The color of the light is also a must-see indicator for choosing a flashlight LED bulb. There are various colors of the bulb to choose from, but white is the first choice! The reason is that its brightness is the true color that enables one to see the illuminated object. Also, white LED flashlight bulbs tend to have less yellow and a purer white than incandescent bulbs.


    In addition to the several selection indicators mentioned above, we have to choose according to the actual use. At present, many flashlights are household flashlights, but there are also flashlights for picnic camping/climbing. Different uses will choose different angles. However, you can't go wrong with the LED category, and the brightest LED flashlight bulbs are rated at 5 to 8 watts or more, and the LEDs also have a longer lifespan.

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