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How To Use LED Grow Lights For Our Indoor Gardening

When our indoor planting cannot get a lot of sufficient light, there will be many tricky things to maintain. Even if all the windows are opened, they cannot be received. Because window panes dilute the sunlight, they can only absorb weak light. This is why the grow lights are needed.

The working principle of grow light:

It is made according to the principle that plants need photosynthesis. Most plants need to absorb sunlight, some may take 8 hours or even up to 18 hours. Therefore, the plant growth lamp simulates three different spectra. It makes plants grow naturally under different wavelengths of light. For example, blue light has a strong effect on the growth of leaves; red light is suitable for plants to bloom and bear fruit.

Precautions for the use of grow light:

1. Grow light on time:

How long the grow light needs to be on depends on the light you use, the environment in which the plant grows, the purpose of using the light, and so on. Here are a few tips:

(1) For plants to grow effectively, the growth light needs to be turned on for 8-10 hours. If the environment is not good, it needs to be extended. It is recommended to use LED plant growth lights, which are particularly energy-saving and electricity-saving.

(2) The growth light is best placed above the plant

(3) If you are afraid of the lamp heating up, try to separate it from the plant and make sure it does not touch the plant.

2. The use process of the grow light:

(1) Adjust the height of the lamp according to the different stages of plant growth, so that the plant can develop better.

(2) Change watering habits

(3) Form a good feeding habit, it is best to provide 30% HPS lighting feed to the plants

(4) If the plant growth lamp is used in winter, the heat in the growing area should be changed by paying attention to the condition of the plant, otherwise it will cause some bad problems.