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Will This LED Bulb Work Outside?

Due to their safety, environmental security and long lifespan, LED lights are increasingly applied to various lighting areas. With simple installation and good lighting effect, LED light bulbs become the ideal choice for indoor lighting. Some people may winder, do LED bulbs work outside? Of course. With proper use, LED bulbs can easily light up outdoors.

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Bulbs Outside?
Install Lighting Fixture to Avoid Your Bulb Being Directly Exposed to Bad Weather
What Kinds of LED Light Bulbs Are Usually Used Outdoors?

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Bulbs Outside?

In terms of lighting effect, there is no flicker or glare, which eliminates visual fatigue caused by flickering and dizzying of the traditional light. In terms of materials, LED bulbs contain no mercury, lead or other harmful substances, which are safe and environmentally friendly. So, what are the exact benefits of using LED bulbs outside?

yes Significant Energy-Saving

The energy consumption of white light LEDs is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of CFLs. Thanks to the LED technology, light-emitting diodes can directly convert electrical energy into visible light. No waste heat is generated, and all the energy is used to emit light.

yes Good Resistance to Impact and Vibration

The LED is mainly composed of a chip of electroluminescent semiconductor, and the surrounding is sealed with epoxy resin to protect the inner core wire. The bulb shell is usually made of aluminium with good heat dissipation, beautiful appearance and light weight, but without fragileness of the traditional lamp tube.

yes Bright and Clear Light

As we all know, traditional incandescent or halogen lamps emit clear white light at the beginning, but over time, the light will turn into orange or even pink. The lighting effect is also greatly reduced, and even harmful to the eyes. However, LED bulbs are completely different. As long as the LED receives electricity, it will immediately produce bright and clear white light, and will not be affected over time. Some LEDs can even adjust the color temperature and brightness to meet your different lighting needs.

yes Low Cost of Use

High-efficiency LED light bulbs save 80% more power than conventional incandescent light bulbs and are ten times brighter than them at the same power. A long lifespan up to 30,000 hours means fewer replacements. All of these help you save a ton of money and time.

yes Rich Functions and Various Styles

With the development of LED technology, the types of LED bulbs are becoming more and more diversified. In addition to the general lighting function and pear-shaped body, LED bulbs are increasingly appearing in various functions and shapes to meet practical and decorative lighting needs.

Install Lighting Fixture to Avoid Your Bulb Being Directly Exposed to Bad Weather

Lighting fixtures usually have a decorative appearance and the ability to protect interior bulbs. And LED bulbs used outdoors require lighting fixtures in particular, as they work best only when they are properly protected. And the most common lighting fixtures used outdoors are wall lamp and pendant lamp. Wall lamp refers to a lamp that is directly fixed on the wall or pillar. Pendant lamp refers to the lamps hanging on the ceiling. All hanging lamps belong to the category of pendant lamp. If you want to use LED bulbs outside, especially taking them as porch lights, it is recommended to install them into wall lamps or pendant lamps. They can protect your bulbs well from being covered by leaves or dirt, being damaged by bad weather, shaking or falling that causes injuries. And then your light bulbs can get the best protection and maintain good lighting all the time.

What Kinds of LED Light Bulbs Are Usually Used Outdoors?

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people's living standard, traditional bulbs with single lighting function can no longer meet people's needs. Therefore, we here recommend three different types of functional LED light bulbs that are especially suitable for outdoor use.

enlightened Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb

With built-in smart photocell sensor, this dusk to dawn light bulb can detect the light intensity of the external environment and automatically turn on in the dark and off at dawn. Once installed, no manual control is required. This also means that it requires very little maintenance, so it can be widely used in most outdoor areas, such as porch, garage, courtyard, driveway, entrances etc.. With super bright daylight white 5000K, it is undoubtedly the best choice for outdoor lighting at night. Free your hands and brighten your home instantly with this dusk to dawn light bulb from LOHAS LED.

enlightened Smart Light Bulb (Color Changing Light Bulb)

Compatible with Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant and Siri, working with 2.4GHz WiFi. This smart bulb from LOAS LED realizes the great functions of remote & voice control, which is a perfect addition to home automation. Besides, there are more than 16 million colors (daylight 6000K & warm white 2700K + RGB color) & 8 scene modes are available. You can set the color and brightness of the light bulb base on your various needs through APP or voice. Plus, with smart timer design, you can set schedules for your smart bulbs to turn on the lights before you get home, and light up your way when you arrive home, making your life easier and more convenient.

enlightened Yellow Bugs Light Bulb

This is a new way to light up your porch without attracting insects. Typical light bulbs emit a yellow light that bugs are naturally attracted, which makes sitting near a light outside in the evening bothersome. If you have the same trouble, switching LOHAS LED yellow bugs light bulbs outside your home must be the optimal bulb solution. Because it is designed to emit an amber glow without inviting all of the flying bugs to join you. And the light is also bright enough for you to enjoy an evening outside at ease. Amber yellow 2000K creates a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for outdoor actives, like parties or barbecues on your front porch or garden.

LED bulbs provide you with safe and bright lighting. No matter why you gotta install bulbs outdoors, LED bulbs are not to miss. Click on this link and take your favorite home.