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Is bug light worth buying?

How long can Bug light be used? Generally speaking, it can be used for 10,000 hours.

In recent years, bug light has gradually become a weapon in summer mosquito control products. At present, the more common bug light is mainly ultraviolet bug light, which uses long-wave ultraviolet in the UV spectrum. The reason why bug light can kill mosquitoes is to use a special life habit of mosquitoes-phototaxis.

The retina of most insects is very sensitive to long-wave ultraviolet. If the wavelength range of long-wave ultraviolet is between 315 and 400 nanometers, it can attract a large number of mosquitoes. Bug light is trying to use this to lure mosquitoes by releasing light beams and other chemicals. Ideally, when the mosquito sees the light emitted by the bug light, it will continue to approach the light source, and then will be sucked into the lamp by the fan blade airflow of the bug light, and the negative pressure device in the lamp will release high-voltage current to eliminate the mosquitoes .

Because of its convenient use and no obvious smell, bug light is favored by more and more people. However, studies have confirmed that the mosquito killing effect of bug light is not ideal. Among the insects eliminated by bug light, only a few are mosquitoes, and most of them are male mosquitoes that do not suck blood.

The work of bug light mainly focuses on attracting mosquitoes, catching mosquitoes, and eliminating mosquitoes. The latter two points are better achieved, but it is more difficult to attract mosquitoes efficiently. Light can be divided into visible light, far-infrared light, ultraviolet light, etc. The core principle of ultraviolet bug light is to have light of suitable wavelength. Although mosquitoes have a certain phototaxis, different mosquitoes have different sensitivity to different wavelengths of light. Therefore, mosquito repellent lamps with only the same wavelength of light can hardly attract all types of mosquitoes, which makes the mosquito-killing effect of bug light limited. In addition, because the ultraviolet bug light can attract mosquitoes in an environment without any light, there are usually other light interferences in the room, which will also affect the attracting effect of the bug light.

Long-term use of bug light will also cause certain harm to our body. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light emitted by bug light will cause skin darkening, roughening and other potential damage. Therefore, if you have special needs, you should use ultraviolet bug light carefully.

Scientific research shows that there are several types of people who are particularly prone to recruit mosquitoes: one is people with a faster metabolism; the other is people with a faster breathing rate; the third is people who sweat more; the fourth is obese people; the fifth is people who love heavy makeup The sixth is the person who loves to drink and eat meat; the seventh is the person who wears dark clothes; the eight is the person who does not take a bath often. Therefore, in order to avoid mosquito bites in summer, it is more important to develop good habits and pay attention to personal hygiene.

In addition to using ultraviolet bug light, we can also use other anti-mosquito methods, such as installing mosquito screens or mosquito nets, and using mosquito repellent products such as mosquito coils, mosquito killers, and mosquito repellent water. In addition, it should be noted that when there are more mosquitoes, such as in the evening, stay less in pavilions, green belts, pools, lakes and other places where mosquitoes are easy to breed.