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Everything You Need To Know The Succulent Soil Lowes

If you have encountered a lot of unhealthy growth of succulents because of soil problems, then be sure to read the following article carefully. It covers a lot of all your questions about succulent soil, and it can also provide the most suitable succulent soil formula for you. Here is everything you need to know the succulent soil lowes.

What kind of lowes succulent soil is the most perfect?

The answer is soil with good drainage. In fact, many people have different opinions on soil, but for succulents, good drainage is a must. This is because the ability of succulents to tolerate drought makes them prone to rot in moist soil.

When we want to cultivate a particularly good plant, it is very important to give it a natural growth environment. Most of the wild succulents grow in sandy, gravel soil; some even grow on the edge of rock cracks.

Therefore, when we find suitable soil for them, we can mix some gravel to help the soil drain. In addition, if you are planting succulents for a long time, be sure to use potted plants with good drainage.

Succulent potting soil lowes DIY recipe

When you don't want to spend too much money on buying soil, then you can consider DIY and make your own soil suitable for your succulents.

Some preparation materials:

Potting soil
There are many different types of potting soil on the market, you only need to check whether it has drainage ingredients and you can buy it. Be careful not to use peat-based potting mixes.

Coarse sand or construction sand is particularly good for succulents. Don't use beach sand. The salt in it will dry out the succulents.

Using perlite can help ventilate the soil and drain excess water.

You can mix some gravel in the soil, it's best to put it in the soil instead of laying it on the bottom of the undrained pot, otherwise, it will make the succulents rot.