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Causes And Treatments Of Succulent Leaves Shriveling

If you are planting succulents for the first time, then you may not know that there are actually many factors that can harm succulents. When you find that your succulents are wilting, it means that your succulents are in danger. You can read the following articles carefully, which will bring you a lot of knowledge in the causes and treatments of succulent leaves shriveling.

Why are my succulent leaves shriveling?

The most common cause of succulent leaf wilting is watering problems. Whenever your succulents are underwater or over-watered, their leaves will wilt. Normally, lack of water will cause the succulent leaves to turn brown and shriveling; succulents that absorb too much water will wilt, become soft and mushy.

When we encounter succulent leaves withered due to watering problems, we must immediately improve our watering methods.

The following are other causes and solutions for the withering of succulents:

It is not recommended to use standard potted plants to grow succulents, because they can retain moisture, which will cause improper drainage problems.

If you use ordinary soil for planting, there must be excessive moisture in the container, causing the roots to rot. Once it rots, the leaves will start to curl slowly. You can try the following solutions:

(1) Replace sandy soil or other soil with good drainage for planting.
(2) If you only have ordinary soil for planting, you must add some gravel to it to create a drainage system.

Succulents need to absorb a certain amount of sunlight to grow stronger and healthier. However, different types of succulents absorb different sunlight. When it is the kind of succulent that absorbs less sunlight, and you expose it to the sun for a long time, it will wilt your succulent leaves.

On the contrary, if your succulents need to absorb sunlight for a long time, but cannot absorb enough light in a certain season, it will also cause the leaves to curl downwards and slowly wither. It can be solved by the following methods:
(1) Put the succulents as close as possible to the sunlit window, and then change the position of the succulents according to the direction of the light.
(2) Succulent grow lights can be used, which can provide heat and light at the same time.