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Do you really know dimmable LED bulb?

LED bulbs receive the attention of their dimmability by courtesy of evolving LED technology and the pursuit for a versatile way of life. The focus is shifted to the dimmable LED light bulbs that are in vogue, while once faddish function, which is a high-power and color changing LED bulb, fades into the basic requirement of LED bulb purchase. Nowadays, dimmable LED bulbs play a pivotal role in modern interior design and meet different satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary for us to gather more detailed information we might be concerned coming along with the dimmable light LED bulb.

#What are dimmable LED blub?

#How does dimmable LED bulb work?

#What Causes Dimmable LED Lights to Flicker?

What are dimmable LED blub?

In the lighting market, there are so many bulbs for you to choose from, so when you come across the dimmable LED bulb, what is the first impression jump into your mind? Let me share mine with you: energy-saving and light-controlled features. Dimmable LED bulbs are the cost-efficiency light dimmed by pulse width modulation (PWM) or constant current reduction (CCR). Generally, it is widespread to retrofit PWM into dimmable lights.

There always have some benefits for why dimmable LED bulbs are highly embraced by modern people. One of the benefits is to help you save electricity because the advantage of PWM is its power loss in the switch lower than you think. Dimmable LED driver runs a certain brightness and intensity of LED bulb at a 1:1 voltage and current ratio. Another merit of dimmable LED light is adjustable intensity, which allows you to set the different ambiance. If you increase the intensity of LED light, you have dimmable light bulb bright white, if you want to stay in a fainter-light surrounding to listen to music, relax, sleep, or have your child who’s afraid of the dark to sleep, dimmable LED bulb warm white might be the best choice for you.
Supported by stable and general pulse width modulation technology, LOHAS dimmable LED bulb meets the various dimmer brands based on the same technology to satisfy your need.

How does dimmable LED bulb work?

As mentioned at the start of the passage, there is a ubiquitous technology behind dimmable LED light, pulse width modulation (PWM).
Pulse width modulation (PWM), or pulse-duration modulation (PDM), a method of converting incoming voltage and current via pulse control, by chopping it up into discrete parts, enables the dimmable LED light driver to dim the brightness and intensity with an imperceptible color shift in the LED output. The change of brightness and color temperature hinge on the period time of “on” and “off”, which we call this period time the duty cycle. For example, if you dim color changing LED to 10%, then the light is in 10% on state and 90% off state.
The technology takes over the half dimmable light LED market on its own merit, which is premised on human eye ability. The frequency of ceiling fan with dimmable LED light and remote ranges from a hundred modulations per second to as high as hundreds of thousands of modulations per second, thus the dimmable light switch turns on and off at an extremely speedy rate than you hardly notice. The dimmable LED light can constantly emit the stable level of brightness you wish for from a semiconductor chip as a built-in drive.

What Causes Dimmable LED Lights to Flicker?

This is the most common issue coming with dimmable bulbs, the flicker can be attributed to the unmatched PWM frequency between LED lights and dimmer switches. So now there are two concepts that will be quoted, leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmer. The former is designed for dimmable light LED and dimmable CFL bulb, which need a lower minimum load, while the latter one for incandescent light and halogen light require high minimum load. So please make sure the right dimming percentage before you buy it.
But how do we stop it when the flicker begins to swirl? All you need to do is to change its modes or reset it to the factory settings.
According to the PWM technology, the dimmable LED driver protects the light from over-exceeded voltage fluctuation by regulating current and voltage. So please having dimmable bulb up and running within recommended current voltage, or else overheat can reduce its service time.

Aesthetic and energy-saving as it is in its potential, the dimmable LED light phase in the first choice in modern decoration. A dimmable bulb with remote would be a wonderful way to go. Hope this passage help you to know more about dimmable LED light.