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Bug Lights - The Outdoor Lighting Option That Attracts Fewest Bugs

In the summer nights, when you enjoy outdoor activities such as pool parties, barbecues & bonfires with your friends and families in your yard or garden, what dampen your enjoyment are the annoying insect bites and high pitched mosquito sound in your ears, so you are anxious to stop these winged bugs from crashing your parties and ruining the fun. Yellow bug lights could put an end to pesky party crashers as they can magically keep pesky insects out of your gathering spots and dress up your garden with their cozy and pleasant glow.

Why are Bugs Attracted to Light?
What are Bug Lights?
Why Yellow Bug Bulbs are the Best Outdoor Lighting Options?
Install LOHAS LED Yellow Bug Bulbs to Keep Night-flying Insects out of Your Home

Why are Bugs Attracted to Light?

At the beginning of the post, let's make clear first why bugs are attracted to light. There are two different features of bugs' reaction to light: positive phototaxis and negative phototaxis. Positive phototaxis means that a creature is instinctively attracted to light, while negative phototaxis makes a creature move away from light. That's why some insects are attracted to light while others are repelled by it. However, most of the flying insects exhibit positive phototaxis. So to take a cosily break after dinner or have a blast at your party in your yard or garden, bug lights could be the answer to your bug problem.

What are Bug Lights?

A bug light is a yellow light bulb, which emits a very warm color temperature that appears almost orange. As we know, light is divided into multiple wavelengths which are measured in nanometer(nm), and the visible light range of human and insects is different. To be more specific, humans eye can perceive a small band of wavelength in the light spectrum, from about 390 to 750 nm, while insects' visible wavelength range is slightly shifted to the right. The yellow, orange and red color temperature are the far end of the color temperature spectrum that many kinds of insects will escape in the opposite direction of the light. So taking advantage of this difference between the humans and insects, bug lights could keep flying insects away. Even better, this band of wavelength of bug lights causes the minimum visual fatigue to people's eyes, which is suitable for sleeping and reading.

Why Yellow Bug Bulbs are the Best Outdoor Lighting Options?

Though the natural instinct of bugs cannot be changed, you can replace your porch lights with new yellow bulbs that are less attractive to bugs. Why? Experiments proved that any wavelength higher than about 650nm is virtually invisible to most flying insects. From the light spectrum chart, you could see that warmer colors like red, orange and yellow have longer wavelengths than 650nm. Based on this, lighting manufacturers turned their eyes on warm yellow led bulbs that are suitable for outdoor use to get decent illumination while attracting fewest bugs. With yellow bug lights, you can get the security and comfort you love from your porch and yard lights and enjoy the sweet moments of after-dinner or parties in summertime without the dreaded cloud of bugs swarming towards your yards or gardens.

Install LOHAS LED Yellow Bug Bulbs to Keep Night-flying Insects out of Your Home

Turning the porch lights on is recommended for home security, while as mentioned above, leaving it on at night like a tantalizing beacon for bugs to hover around. So the best solution is to change into a yellow bug bulb that could keep bugs from buzzing around your porch, yard or garden at night. But which light bulb is the best? LOHAS LED Yellow Bug Bulb is our top pick for you guys.

Unlike conventional bulbs that would call in the bugs, LOHAS LED yellow bug bulbs with no UV emit an ideal glow within the band of 530-590nm, which are gentle to the eyes but tough on pesky bugs or moths. Their orange band light not only stimulates the release of melatonin and promotes sleep without insect bites, but also minimizes the damage to your eyes so it's reading-friendly that can reduce eyestrain up to 67.9%. Most importantly, this 5W A15 led bug light is the perfect solution to pesky flies in your outdoor space, which creates a cozy & pleasant atmosphere for outdoor activities and brings more fun to your life.

Yellow bug light is the best choice for both outdoor and bug-repelling lighting. Not only can you use this bulb as a regular light, but you can stop this as bugs are not attracted to the specific yellow light emitted by this bulb. Hang LOHAS LED yellow bug bulb lights in your gardens, porches, corridors to enjoy your leisure after-dinner time or parties outside without annoying bugs joining in!