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Tips For Installing Solar Lights

The most important thing of solar lights installing is:

1. to spend more time considering the placement of the light
2. make sure it is fully charged

Everything is done by the method to ensure that the solar light can exert its best effect.

Preparation before Installation:

1. The type of solar light suitable for you
2. Drill
3. Tape measure

How to Install Solar Lights?

1. Find a suitable place

First of all, you have to find a place in the yard that is suitable for solar lamps to absorb energy from the sun. Because it has a small panel with solar cells inside, it will turn on the charging mode when it is exposed to sunlight. In this way, the meaning of dusk to dawn can be brought into play.

This step sounds simple, but it is quite difficult in practice. The longer the solar lamp stays in the sun, the longer it will run. In addition, you have to consider whether the trees and house walls near the placement location will bring shadows.

2. Installation

After determining the location, you can proceed to install the lights. Different types of lamps have different installation methods. For example, with a solar lamp on the wall, you have to make sure that it can absorb sunlight on the wall.

3. Read the manual

No matter what electrical appliance it is, the description is a very important thing. Follow the instructions and guide the installation step by step so that the lamp can be used normally.

Special Reminder-How to Charge the Solar Lights?

Before installing a new solar lamp, it is best to charge the lamp first. Each new outdoor lighting needs 12-14 hours of sunlight to be fully charged. Put them in a sunny place so that the battery is fully charged.