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Why Are the T5 LED Bulbs the Best Choice?

Compared to traditional T8 and T12 lighting fixtures, the T5 LED light has many notable advantages, it can achieve the level of candlelight you want with fewer lights and fixtures. T5 has a higher height for more efficient usage compared to other fluorescent lamps. They are also available in a variety of colour temperatures, making it easy to provide different ambient lighting for different spaces, resulting in a high colour rendering index. This is the main reason why everyone likes to use T5 LED bulbs.

Why are T5 LED bulbs the better choice?

With the development of technology and the times, to give users a better sense of experience, the lighting technology on the market has been upgraded. T5 fluorescent lamps were once the most energy-efficient option for tube lamps on the market, saving around 50% of energy costs. And its service life is between 25,000 hours and 35,000 hours. When it was converted from fluorescent lamps to LED technology, the lifespan was greatly improved, with at least 50,000 hours of use.

In addition, LED lamps do not contain pumps, resulting in less pollution to the environment. It also offers higher light efficiency when it comes to dimming, and generally produces more lumens per watt, resulting in less energy usage and therefore lower energy costs. What's more, the T5 luminaire combined with LED technology adds an IP rating to protect the luminaire from damage from dust, bugs and water.

Usually, many people think that the cost of LED is very high, and they are discouraged by its cost price. Moreover, the price of T5 lighting fixtures is inherently cheap, and it is not ideal to combine it with LED technology. But this is a wrong idea, T5 lamps are meant to be used for a long time. Combined with high technology, it can achieve a long service life, which is enough to justify the purchase cost.

Derivatives of T5 LED Bulbs - T5 LED Grow Lights

For those who their planting farms, the T5 LED Grow Light is their best choice! They come with their own fixtures and offer three major advantages over fluorescent lamps:

Less power consumption;
Longer service life, saving the trouble of frequently replacing bulbs;
Less heat is dissipated.

Why is it recommended to use T5 LED grow lights?

Because the LED equivalent is even better. They do everything fluorescent lamps do: the same output and spectrum (often even better) and flexibility.

But they do so while using half or less power, dissipating less heat, and lasting longer. Not having to replace bulbs as often and paying half your electricity bill can save you a lot of money.

However, it also has a disadvantage, because the production cost is too high, many people will give up buying this better lamp. However, it can give you the best feedback in terms of time and cost of use.

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