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Things you should know about e26 base bulbs

Lighting terminology can be confusing if you're not in the industry. When you're looking to purchase a new bulb, you may have come across the term "E26" - but you might be unsure as to what it means. Light bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes,but E26 does not refer to the bulb's shape!

What is a E26 base bulb?

An E26 designation only refers to its base, or contact point with the lamp holder. A wide range of bulbs and smart lamps can use an E26 base despite having different shapes and sizes.

The letter "E" in E26 refers to Edison Screw, the most standard of lamp bases, while the numerical "26" refers to its diameter in millimeters (approximately 1 inch). E26 is also commonly referred to as a Medium Edison Screw (MES).

E26 is the size of most light bulbs used in the US and other countries that commonly use 120V AC. It's referred to as having a “medium” or “standard” base. (See E27 bulbs for Europe and 240V AC). Although previously they were most commonly used with incandescent lamps, fluorescent CFL lamps and LED lamps have also continued to adopt the E26 lamp base.

You can most instantly recognize an E26 bulb by looking at the bottom, or non-light emitting side of the bulb. If you see a metallic base with screw threads, approximately 1 inch in diameter, you most likely have an E26 bulb. Another way to be sure is to check the printing on the bulb - along with the wattage and brightness, manufacturers will usually print "E26" to ensure they are safely used with appropriate lamp holders.The number following the E indicates the size in mm of the external thread screw. Thus a E26 has a 26 mm base diameter.

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Standards and Dimensions of E26

E26 standards are defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) under standard 7004-21A-2. They specifically govern the exact dimensions to which the E26 lamp bases should be manufactured to.

Introduction to Edison screw bulbs

The screw comes in various size from E5 to E40, with the number behind the E represents the diameter size in millimeters. This E5 to E40 size are then deemed fitting, and each size are applied for different types, and sizes of light bulbs.

For example, E10 (10 mm) is commonly utilized in decorative lamps you often saw on Christmas trees, and some vehicle headlights and tail lights, as well as indicator lights on devices.

The E26 is called (Medium) Edison Screw, so it's abbreviated MES or simply ES. Also often called the one-inch Edison Screw.

It is the standard for most light bulbs, with the E26 being the standard for 120-volt bulbs (American usage).Being the standard for lighting usage, many low-voltage bulbs (12-volt,24-volt, etc.) are also designed to fit the E26 fitting.

The benefit of using E26 base bulbs

E26 bulbs are some of the most common lamp types, meaning that finding an appropriate lamp holder or fixture is typically quite straightforward. Additionally, installation is usually very straightforward, and requires no tools or assembly.

Edison Screw bases are some of the most secure ways to mount a bulb, due to the strength and rigidity of the screw threads. This makes them particularly suitable for locations where vibrations may be present. Additionally, a tight fit in the screw base ensures that moisture and debris are unlikely to enter the contact points, reducing the probability of electrical failures.

Example for your better understanding

The difference between A19 Bulb vs E26 Bulb
If you've seen what looks like the same type of light called both an A19 bulb and an E26 bulb, you might be wondering what the difference is.

Thing is, they might be the same thing.

A19 refers to the shape and size of the bulb itself. "A" stands for Arbitrary -- just the name of the shape that's familiar to most of us. "19" refers to the size -- in this case, 19/8" (or 2 3/8") across.

E26 refers to the type and size of the base -- the part that goes into the light socket. "E" refers to "Edison," which is the type of "screw in" style base people in the United States are most familiar with. 26 refers to 26 mm across. (This is also called a "medium" base.)

So the light bulb that most of us have used in our homes here in the States is an A19 bulb with an E26 base.

Where to buy E26 LED Light Bulbs

E26 is standard household size. The E is for Edison and the 26 is for 26 mm. This popular size has exploded with LED options and for good reason. Big energy savings, no mercury or UV and low prices. LOHAS LED E26 colored bulbs, rainbow led lights and dusk to dawn bulbs are great for daily home lighting that you can adjust it according to your need.

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