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Going Green by Using solar powdered Lights in 2021

With the alarming energy issue, it is imminent to use renewable solar energy. With the in-depth research on solar energy, the application of solar energy in light is also getting more extensive.

The facts of the harm that traditional energy brings to us
The action we can take for protecting the earth
What can you get from the action you take?
The example of solar light that commonly used in our daily life
Frequently Asked Questions

The facts of the harm that traditional energy brings to us

Since the first industrial revolution, energy has played a crucial role in human activity, such as cooking, transportation, lighting, and any other purposes. While contributing to human social development, the traditional fuel from its first use to now, coal, oil, and natural gas, have been taking a heavy toll on human health and the environment. But how? During use, hazardous air, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Particulate matter (PM), as well as heavy metals such as mercury, will be emitted into the air we are living with by burning traditional fuels.

Carbon dioxide (CO2): contributes to the greenhouse. As the earth becomes warmer, tropical diseases like malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, and West Nile virus will be shifted with the changing track of mosquitoes.
Sulfur dioxide (SO2): come from the combustion of fossil fuels that contain sulfur. The SO2 will irritate your nose, throat, and lung, triggering the respiratory disease, such as bronchitis
Nitrogen oxides (NOx): is also another contributor to serious respiratory disease due to their ground-level ozone and smog, which often happen among children.
Particulate matter (PM): has its long-term and short-term particulate exposure to the human body, either of which will reduce lung function, cause death or aggravate lung disease.
Heavy metals (mercury etc): will cause reduce motor neuron function, loss of memory, impaired speech, and neural transmission in their offspring. Humans will be exposed to mercury risk when they consume whale meat or fish whose fat cells are accumulated the mercury.
In the primary stage of social development, little did we know that every activity involving fossil fuel, from household use to industrial production, has a great impact on the human body. However, thanks to advanced technology, renewable and clean energy like solar energy come to the public, gradually replacing the traditional one.

The action we can take for protecting the earth

In the vastness of the universe, the earth is the only one who has been taking her responsibility to take care of her children at her best, and we, the earth’s children, must be aware of the significance to protect our earth and change our lifestyle to a green, healthy and sustainable one. In our real life, there are a few things that you can do for the earth:

1. Take public transportation.
2. Do a good job of sorting garbage.
3. Shopping with your shopping bags.
4. Use environmentally friendly energy.

As above mentioned, although traditional energy has its adverse effect, it still becomes essential to social development, which reminds us of the significance of using renewable and clean energy. These days, solar energy is universally acknowledged, lots of solar-powered products coming out accordingly. Among those products, due to light is the part and parcel of the long history of human civilization, products like solar motion sensor light outdoor, solar post light, etc, thou orb aloft full-dazzling, are ready for you.

What can you get from the action you take?

Now, all we know that the main benefit to use solar-powered light is to protect the environment in which we are living, but what about other advantages?
1. Solar lights are powdered by clean and eco-friendly energy sources.
Adopting the solar-powered receiving system, the solar light will receive and restore the sunlight during the day (even on cloudy days) and supply the power to the light at night.

2. You don’t need to pay extra electricity bills.
When you need to pay the bill, don’t forget that traditional power plants also supplied the electricity to you by using fossil fuel back to the time when you are using it. But now solar light bulbs offer double benefits to you, which free you from the bill and protect the environment.

3. Handy installation.
If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to spend your time wiring the light or you don’t know how to wire it, solar lights without any wires needed may be the ideal choice for you.

4. Durability.
To keep going the environment protection act, some solar lights are specially designed for outdoor use, such as solar post light, solar street light and, etc. They rarely break NO MATTER it is windy, rainy, or exposed to the sun.

5. The portable and small size
Combining with the idea of convenience, the solar light is designed with small size and portability, which can be used as a flashlight at night and portable solar light.

The example of solar light that commonly used in our daily life

With the raising of environmental protection awareness, solar-powered light has become omnipresent these days. In the home are, the lights can be used as solar steps light, solar lawn light, solar flood light, and solar fence light, etc, while in public places, solar light can be lighted for streets, traffic roads, walkways, and parking lots. Lohas has been fixating on the technology of solar-powered light and LED light since its establishment in 2011. In our latest solar-powered product combined with the advantages of solar power with Led light technology, Lohas solar post light will give you an unforgettable impression, which features the function of auto on/off, solar charge, waterproof and easy install. If you are a stranger to the purchase of solar light, the article (How to Choose Solar Lights Outdoor) may solve your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a few questions that frequently have been asked online.
Q: Are solar lights expensive to buy and install?
A: In the long run, it is not expensive, even making some savings on electricity bills. It may be slightly more expensive than the ordinary one when you buy them. However, you don't have to pay an electricity bill for solar lights. Moreover, there is no need for wires, manual installation instruction will guide you to install the lights step by step, saving labor costs for installation. At last, you will be impressed by its durability.

Q: Can solar lights be used on cloudy days?
A: Yes. Solar panels are very sensitive to the intensity of light. Even on cloudy days, sunlight is still available for solar lights to charge. But the charging speed is slower than usual on sunny days.

Q: Can solar lights be used indoors?
A: Of course. But before used indoors, the solar lights need to be fully charged during sunny days.