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How Much Sun Does A Succulent Need

No matter what type of succulent plant you are growing, it needs a certain amount of care to grow vigorously. Many novice growers often underestimate their succulents and often ignore their growth needs. Continue reading this article and you will learn a lot about the light requirements of succulents and how to ensure that succulents thrive. So, how much sun does a succulent need?

Do succulents need sunlight?

The answer is yes, most succulents cannot survive without the sun. Except for a few adapted to growing in an environment sheltered by big trees.

In fact, we have certain obstacles to growing succulents indoors. Since the light intensity provided by the windows in our homes is completely different from what plants absorb outdoors, succulents are prone to cause many problems.

However, this is not a complete solution. We can use grow lights for different growth stages of succulents. The grow lights can provide the light absorbed by the succulents outdoors. Although it is not real sunlight, it has a certain effect on the growth of plants.

How much sun does a succulent plant need?

We can try the following methods to allow succulents to absorb sufficient sunlight:

1. Plant succulents outdoors in summer.
The weather is hot in summer with plenty of light. Succulents can absorb the sun's rays to their heart's content and can maximize the use of existing resources to achieve healthy growth.

2. Supplementary artificial lighting---succulent grow light
If you often place succulents by the windows to absorb sunlight, you can also use cheaper grow lights for additional lighting.

If your home environment cannot allow the succulents to absorb a little sunlight, then you need to buy more powerful LED grow lights.

In addition, it can also be used seasonally. For example: grow outdoors in summer, grow indoors in winter or cooler weather, and match grows lights.

In addition to low-light succulents, other types of succulents like to absorb natural light. It takes about 8-10 hours a day to absorb, which can play a strong role in their growth.