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Keep Your Yard Lit and Safe with An Eco-friendly solar Light

A great outdoor solar light doesn't compromise on power or beauty, which means that it can bring some relief on your electricity bill while boosting the curb appeal of your property. And it can be a lifesaver when outdoor outlets are not available. So, to light up your outdoor space for security, adding a solar light is always one of the best means. But what is a solar light? How do solar lighting work? Why we should get them? And how to choose the right solar lights for your yard? Here's the full scoop on solar lights.

What is a solar light?
How do solar lighting work?
Why we should get a solar light?
How to choose the right solar lights?

What is a solar light?

Reference: Solar Light from Home Wiki
Normally, a solar light can be also called as a solar lantern or a solar lamp. And with a small solar panel on the top of it to absorb the sunlight while converting it into energy, a solar light is the lighting that harnesses the sun’s energy to provide illumination for indoor and outdoor applications. Apart from that, being powered by the electricity generated from its built-in photovoltaic solar panel, solar light is also an wallet-friendly option for many people as they don’t need to pay for power when they place it outside.

How do solar lighting work?

Understanding how solar light works is the very important thing that you should know before purchasing. As what we mentioned above, solar lights have a photovoltaic solar panel built in, helping them collect energy from the sun and stores it in batteries to operate the required wattage of light at night when there is no sunlight to produce lighting, and that's the key to how they work. Remember that solar lights are powered by the sun, they must be placed in an area that receives full sun — ideally eight or more hours per day.

Why we should get a solar light?

Now that you know what do a solar light means and how it work, let’s delve deeper into its pros to find what actually makes the solar-powered lighting stand out of line.

Using a solar light really helps you to say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electricity bills. As long as you've already finished your purchase on them, you don't need to pay anything to your electrical bill after that since they aren't connected to the power grid.

With its built-in photovoltaic solar panel, solar lights can come on automatically at the darkness and not requiring any wiring, therefore; they can be installed anywhere even though there is no electrical supply. And they are perfect for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, decorating your home garden, walkway, patio, yard and they can be used indoor, too.

Using solar lights can be 100% safe because they don't need electrical cables, particularly when you want to use them outdoor or you have children – they might trip over exposed cables from electrical lighting options.

A solar light is pollution-free and emits no greenhouse gases as it's powered by producing energy from non-renewable energy sources, which also helps people reduce dependence on oil.

How to choose the right solar lights?

Using solar lighting as an alternative to gas and electric lighting is a great way to decrease your electric bill and carbon footprint. But how do you know which ones make for the best to you?

# Brightness is the key

When you are shopping for solar lights, the first thing you need to take into consideration may be whether the brightness of them are enough for the areas you plan to place them in. Then, you need to focus on their lumen. Yes, LUMENS, NOT WATTS! Since Lumen measures how bright a light is, and the more lumens a light has, the brighter it is. So remember to compare lumens when you are purchasing solar lights to be sure you are getting the amount of light or level of brightness as you want.

# Why battery of a solar light is very important

Before you go out and buy these lights, the battery of a solar light is an important factor that you should be conscious, especially its capacity. Battery capacity, the maximum amount of energy that can be stored in the battery and measured in ampere-hour (Ah) or milliampere-hour (mAh), alone won’t tell you how long the light can be powered using just the battery, but it can give you a more in-depth information about the overall quality of the lighting. Normally, the more Ah a battery has, the longer it can run.

Not only do the brightness and battery of solar lights are the biggest concerns when choosing solar lights, their lighting range, durability, how long the charge is held and, of course, the price is also what we should focus on.

Solar light needs to have a good quality solar panel for them to get the maximum power from sunlight, and a decent battery capacity to allow the light to store a good amount of electricity for a long night. In this case, we are highly recommend you to get LOHAS Solar Fence Lights, as they can best help you transform your outdoor spaces into the perfectly illuminated hangout spot for all your family and friends. Also they are very easy to install, and you can mount them on the wall or anywhere you want with provided wall plug and screws in seconds, no cable or wire necessary.