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How to choose a right ceiling light?(Tips including cleaning & installing and light source)

How to choose a right ceiling light?

Ceiling light purchase skills first, we must pay attention to the safety of ceiling lights, when buying should choose materials that are not easily damaged, it is best not to choose glass ceiling lights. We can't just greedy cheaply, we must first check whether the certificate of conformity and the warranty certificate are complete. Although the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap must be bad. Many living room lights that are not of high quality often have security risks.

Ceiling light purchase skills Second, pay attention to the light transmission of the ceiling light, you should choose a uniform material when buying, it is best not to choose a light cover with poor light transmission, which will affect the light.

Third, ceiling light purchase skills, pay attention to the durability of the ceiling light, you should choose a good quality tube when buying, poor quality tube is easy to black, not only affect the lighting effect of the light but also affect the light life.

Choose the right light source for your ceiling light -- LOHAS E12 LED light bulb(e12 bulb for ceiling light)

Detection light source: Most ceiling lights are white light. From the perspective of white light, some owners will find that some ceiling lights look brighter, while some are darker, some are white, some are purple or Blue. This is due to the different light effects of the light source and the different color temperature. Some small manufacturers consume light sources that have low light efficiency. However, in order to make customers look brighter, the color temperature is made higher, so that it looks brighter. One thing is that it is not really bright in practice, it is just the illusion of the human eye. In this environment, vision will become worse and worse in the long run. If it is identified, it is just using a light without any other light source, and then standing under the light to read the book. If it looks clear and bright, it means that the light source is better and the light efficiency is high. If it is not clear, it is poor. A simpler way is to reach out to the light source and look at the color of the palm. If it is rosy, it means that the color temperature is just right and the color rendering is good. If the heart is blue or purple, it means the color temperature is too high.

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Ceiling light cleaning tips

The ceiling light should be cleaned after using it for a period of time. Cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of the ceiling light. The biggest problem in the kitchen is oil fume and humidity, so pay attention to the following points when cleaning the ceiling light:

1. The wet kitchen may cause the ceiling light to leak electricity, so be sure to turn off the power first, and be careful not to wipe the light holder with a damp cloth.

2. When scrubbing the ceiling light, you should use light-colored cotton socks or cotton gloves to cover your hands, gently wipe the light, and do not move the parts inside the light randomly.

3. Cleaning the lightshade can be performed according to the material. If it is glass, it can be scrubbed carefully with a small soft cloth. If it is plastic, it can be removed for cleaning.

4, the dirt on the light holder is clean, you can first remove the surface dust, and then wipe with a toothpaste on a cotton cloth, do not let water on the light holder.

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How to install ceiling light in living room?

The two wire ends connected to the power supply line of the ceiling lamp in the living room should have good electrical contact. They should also be wrapped with black tape and kept a certain distance. If possible, do not put the two wire ends under the same metal piece In order to avoid short circuit and danger. It is suitable to install ceiling lights in rooms with higher floors or vibration on the ceiling. When installing a ceiling lamp in a masonry structure, use embedded bolts or fix with expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs; do not use wooden wedges. And the load-carrying capacity of the fixture should match the weight of the ceiling light. To ensure that the ceiling lamp is fixed and reliable, and its service life can be extended.

If a screw cap is used in the ceiling lamp, the wiring should also pay attention to the following two points: the phase wire should be connected to the terminal of the center contact, and the neutral wire should be connected to the screw terminal; the insulating shell of the lamp head is not There should be damage and leakage to prevent electric shock when replacing the lamp. Teach children not to throw balloons and other objects into the lamp indoors, so as to prevent the decoration hanging from the lamp from hurting or affecting the decorative effect of the lamp. When installing ceiling lamps, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the connection between the lamps and the installation. The connection must be able to withstand a suspension equivalent to 4 times the weight of the ceiling lamps without deformation. When installing the ceiling light, we must consider the roof of the home. If it is a masonry roof, use embedded bolts, or fix it with expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs, etc. Do not use wooden wedges. Do not hang too many decorations on the lamp, otherwise it will fall and hurt people if it exceeds the carrying capacity.