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Why should my house design lighting?

Let's take a look first, there is a home here, and like the general home, there are six functional areas:

Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, entrance

We are going to put a light on this home now. At this time, many people will think: as long as the room is bright enough. So the following "one ceiling lamp goes to the world" scene of one room and one light appeared.

one ceiling lamp goes to the world

This simple and rude lighting arrangement, of course, can only solve basic lighting problems. Actual use will: bad experience and many inconveniences.

So, what should a light-designed home look like?

what should a light-designed home look like?

The lights have been arranged, turn on the lights ~

A variety of lamps cooperate with each other, with bright and dark, which improves the taste of the room, and the sense of space hierarchy comes out at once. The most important thing is that the targeted lighting can also make your experience more comfortable and more user-friendly.

If you want to build a house with harmonious living and lighting, what should you do? Before that, let's take a look at the lights. Buying lamps is a complicated and troublesome thing. But if you follow these two steps, you can easily eliminate many inappropriate lamps, saving time and reducing the chance of making mistakes.
1. Confirm the type of lighting you want;
2. Confirm the lighting method you want.

The lighting of the house can be divided into: ambient light, contour light, focus light.

Ambient light is the conventional light source with the largest lighting range. The direct light source and direction cannot be seen clearly, and it has soft lighting as the basic lighting.

Contour light is mainly used to emphasize the contours of walls, ceilings, etc., to create a sense of space, increase the aesthetic beauty of the interior, and to add auxiliary lighting for ambient light. Simply put, it is to make your home look taller and bigger.

The focus light and the illumination range are relatively small, the illumination is relatively concentrated, and it forms a strong contrast with the surrounding environment, focusing on creating a local atmosphere.

Now we have a basic understanding of lighting, but when it comes to the layout of the whole house, I believe most people are still dumb. How should the lighting be arranged and matched in various areas of the home? We explain it by region.


Although people do not stay in the porch for a long time, all movements need to have uniform and bright light. The ceiling can choose downlights with even and soft light, and add some light strips to make up the light.

Living room

The living room is a place where we can watch TV, paralyze, daze, play hard, play, read books, etc., and is also a space for receiving guests and family reunions. It is the core area of ​​the home, so the main lighting of the living room is indispensable Dot-like lighting evenly distributed in the ceiling, or diffuse lighting fixtures with a strong sense of shape.
In the TV wall area, you can choose indirect lighting fixtures with even and soft light, such as light strips or table lamps. In this less bright scenario, people's emotions will be more relaxed and feel more natural, suitable for watching TV or daze, while reducing TV screens and The poor brightness of the surrounding environment eases visual fatigue. The beautiful floor lamp is an upholstered decoration, and the soft mid-section lighting makes the living room more layered, and it is also easy to read when placed beside the sofa.
The background wall of the living room can choose adjustable angle spotlights to illuminate the decorative murals, while providing indirect lighting for the nearby space. These murals can also become interesting topics when guests visit.

Dining room lighting

Dining room

The dining room focus on lighting is nothing more than two points: one is to see the dishes, and the other is to see the people. The purpose of lighting design is to better show the appearance of food and people. The dining room lights should directly illuminate the dining table, define the dining table area, and focus on the goumet food. Most of the dining pendant lamps and ceiling spotlights are used to fill the environment to create a bright and soft light environment.


The kitchen is an area directly related to fine visual work. The lighting of the kitchen "is related to life and death", and a local focus light is placed above the counter and the sink.


The bedroom is a very quiet and light sensitive area. The lighting of the bedroom must be warm and soft, which helps to create drowsiness and relax people. It can be set with several functions such as main lamp, bedside lamp and night lamp.


Pay attention to several points in the bathroom lighting: the face light of the mirror front light, the anti-fog in the shower area, and the anti-glare on the bathtub top.

Every home and everyone has different lighting needs, so these lighting layouts may not be completely suitable for everyone. You can start with me to discuss the lighting design at home.