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Common Problems and Solutions for G9 LED Bulbs

Anyone who has many problems that they don't know how to fix after buying a G9 LED bulb
can get it fixed! A few of the most common G9 LED bulb problems are listed below.

1. Which brand of G9 LED bulb is better?

Have you ever struggled with the brand when choosing a G9 LED bulb? There are many brands of this type of lamp on the market. When you want to change to a new brand, you will be very confused.

The cost of brand-made G9 LED bulbs is more expensive than that of unbranded ones, but in the long run, the use of the brand will be much better. Product quality and service life are many times longer than those of other brands.

The following brands of G9 LED bulbs are my recommendation: Radium, GE, Philips, Osram, Sylvania and LOHAS LED are all good brands.

2. How to adjust the bulb?

Do you know how to dim G9 LED bulbs easily? Are you still thinking about how to install the G9 LED dimmable bulbs?

First, you'll need to buy a dimmable G9 LED bulb. Then you have to buy a very suitable dimmer, from which you will find that not all dimmers are compatible with the light you buy.

So we will recommend you to buy G9 LED bulbs like this:

Leading-edge dimmers - for high-power tungsten, incandescent, and halogen filament lamps.

Trailing-Edge Dimmer - For low wattage bulbs set up expressly for LED lighting.
3. How to remove the G9 LED bulb stuck in the socket?

When we want to change the light bulb, there will always be a situation where it gets stuck and cannot be pulled out. Here are a few very practical ways to deal with this situation:

The G9 LED bulb is a push-on bulb, which can be turned on by pushing it into the socket. Then unplugging is also very simple, turn off the power and unplug it. But not all G9 LED lights are easy to pull out.

The first thing to do when a light fixture is stuck is to turn off the power and remove the fuse protecting the circuit.

Then push the G9 LED light up or down from left to right, after which it can be slowly pulled out.

Assuming your light is in the kitchen or bathroom, spray a small amount of WD40 and unplug the light the next day.

4. Can LED bulbs be used instead of G9 halogen bulbs?

There may be some households who are still using the old G9 halogen bulbs and have this confused when they want to replace the G9 LED bulbs.

The answer is yes, you don't even need a transformer or LED driver to replace it.

5. Does the G9 LED bulb to need a transformer or LED driver?

The answer is no, the G9 LED bulb has been designed with this in mind for the majority of buyers. And this type of luminaire is for mains voltage and does not require a transformer or LED driver to function properly.

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