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How Lohas Smart Bulb ease Christmas Preparation?

Nowadays,it seems that everything becomes smarter and smarter which change our life into a easer,more colorful and go-as-you-please one,smart devices really liberate our hands,feet and now even brains and actually the most close to life one is the smart-home device,such as,Lohas Smart Bulb,how it differs our life?Take Chiristmas as example.

Usually,the main color is white,red and green,which rendering a warm and happy atmosphere,so white blanket,red candle light and green Christmas Trees,usually we equip string light which output differant colors but it seems a little troublesome to pick off it when it celebration comes to an end,so Lohas suggests that we install a Lohas Smart wifi Buld inside the Christmas trees and decorate the tree with ticker-tape instead,we would get the same effections.Cause,1st the installution is easy,scan the code on the specification and down load the app and install it in a E26 base lampholder,wait for the wifi the connect your smart device such as smart phone or pad,then smart control got in your hand.2nd the wifi light has 16millions kinds of colors which can be casually changed as you like,choose the celebration scenes and it would put out the light evenly,it is the best replacement of the string light and u would not be afraid that it would consume too much power,just 9W,but truly equivalant as a 100w one.3rd,controlled by yourself with phone, and if u are in drunk with the red wine,don't worry,you can approve some one of ur friends to turn off the light for u ,if he is also ready to be in drunk too,no worry,u can set a timing style to turn off the light.Just for fun....

So.all in all,this wifi light is a multicolored,timing equiped,wifi connection and smart-controlled,I think it a perfect choice for Christmas,how about u?And cause time limited I have to leave something to talk next time,see you!