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Why buy the LOHAS LED Smart Bulbs?

There’s a wide choice of LOHAS LED Smart bulbs, and the quality rivals the best that the
competition can offer.
If you’re happy with remote control, voice control, group control and millions of color for you to choose, then LOHAS LED BULBS are a great choice. The quality of the lights and range of control options makes the LOHAS LED one of the best.

Now, we would like to share some
feedback from customers
to you.

# Bright enough

Far brighter and clearer than I expected, very pleased. Used above a table where kids do homework and we play board games or do puzzles. Originally had a dimmer switch on these lights but these LED bulbs flickered even when switch was off - I fault the switch for that as once dimmer removed and changed to on/off, then all is well. Cannot speak to longevity of these bulbs yet, haven't had them more than a month at this point. Also, it's a plus that the lights don't generate all the heat that the halogens did.

# Safe&Reliable

These bulbs have a 30,000 hour life span, a little over 3.6 years of continuous usage.

# Energy Saving

LOHAS LED GLOBE 15 watt at 2700 warm glow ( 100 watt equivalent).
The preset white shades go anywhere from a yellow typically used on outdoor lights that reduce the amount of bugs it attracts all the way to a very cold blue. In between are natural daylight as well as warm, incandescent hues.

# Time setting

“Great! I was even able to set up a schedule to turn it on and off every day.”
“You can set a sleep timer that it will turn the light off after a set period of time.”

# Easy to use

The instructions were easy to follow and I was able to set up an account and get the bulb connected to my WiFi network. The app works great, but I really love the Alexa integration. ”

“Setup was quick and easy. Just toggle the power a few times to activate setup mode and use the app to get it on my WiFi network. After that it works through the app to change brightness or color. It’s easy to match the color of other lamps in the same room. Alexa integration works as expected.”

# Good for home lighting

“I've installed them in different rooms and I feel that the color tone let's me see the colors of my cloths in my walking closet more accurately compared to the incandescent lights. They work well in my family room and kitchen where I have dimmers. As long as the dimmer switch is rated compatible with LED lights, there should not be any flickering. ”

# Good and richer color

“I have been replacing all of the track light bulbs in our house (over 40 bulbs) with LED ones and have tried several other brands. These by far are the best when it comes to color accuracy. I ordered the warm white (2700k) and these actually are the closest to incandescent so far. The color actually improves the brighter you run them and I cant tell much difference side by side. ”

“These are actually very nice lights. I've left them out in the rain a couple times and no problems. Connectivity is great, the colors are outstanding. Very very nice night!!!! I've used them with Alexa and IFFT”