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How to Improve Your Home Lighting

Home lighting is something that we use daily without giving it much thought, but in fact, it is capable of so much more than you might think. For instance, aside from offering the proper illumination to help you see, lighting also enables you to set the mood and add character to the place you call home. So, putting some extra effort into your lighting design will really do help to boost your home's value.

To these days, there are many ways that you can improve how the lights look and operate in your home, which may cost very little and are easy to implement either. Whether you're looking to add a fresh coat of paint or reduce your energy costs, here are some pro tips to help you improve your home lighting.

Pick the right bulb.
Add the lights to reduce energy consumption.
Light the stairs and dark corners of your home.
Get some ambient lighting to set your mood.
Don't shy away from color.

Pick the right bulb

The correct bulb choice helps fill rooms with the right amount of light and doesn't require any remodelling. However, with so many different base types, shapes, numbers and letters associated with bulbs, picking the right bulb for your fixtures can seem like a guessing game. Like e12 bulb and e26 bulb, they refer to a specific base type, but comes in different types of bulbs to give you some choice in how you light your fixture. So, making sure your bub fits the lighting fixtures at your home must be the key to your lighting improvement.

For that, you can take your old lamp to the shop to compare against the metal base of the Incandescent/Fluorescent/LED bulb. Check what fitting you need (Bayonet/Edison screw base etc.) to install the new lights, then compare the size, shape, and voltage of the old and new lights to pick the right bulb.

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Add the lights to reduce energy consumption.

Reference: 10 Tips to Improve Your Lighting

Energy-saving options can boost your home's value by 3-5%, so it must be your time to install smart technology and energy-efficient bulbs when possible to reduce energy consumption, and CFLs or LEDs for energy efficiency must be the one you go for. LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly available and affordable, while CFL bulbs tend are another eco-friendly choice but they emit a harsher light and do contain gas, so know how to clean up properly if you drop one.

Then, since forgetting to turn the lights off when you are not at home is another factor that causes the energy consumption, updating your bulb to smart light bulbs or dusk to dawn light bulb are urgently required. With the function that enables you to remotely control your light with a simple tap on your phone, the smart bulb is perfectly one of the best options to reduce the energy consumption. In addition, with its built-in photocell sensors, the dusk to dawn light will only turn on at the darkness and off at daylight, so you should install it at the best angle to catch changes in light as the sun sets and rises.

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Light the stairs and dark corners of your home.

Walking in the dark can be dangerous, especially going upstairs, so it's important to add some lights along with your steps or any dark corners like closets, shelves, kitchen counters, cupboards to add extra security to your home. Adding lights to stair risers is beneficial since it can be hazardous negotiating stairs, especially at night. The extra lights like night lights, led strip lights will visually connect the floors of your home, while helping guests navigate their way through it. Also, don't think that adding lights to your toe-kicks is a frivolous, aesthetics-only decision. Cabinet light or the strip lighting at the underside of base cabinets is a great way to create a night light that looks fabulous.

Get some ambient lighting to set your mood.

Bright spaces are beautiful, but there are times when lower light is best, therefore; we highly recommend you to look for options with a dimmer switch or any dimmable led bulb when shopping for bulbs. Dimmable bulb always allows you to easily change the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day. So, installing a dimmer switch can not only allow you to instantly adjust the feel of your room but also does help to set the mood for any specific situation.

Don't shy away from color.

Color changing light bulbs can add a lot of personality to a room, so you can set the mood for whatever you're up to at home, whether it's fun, focus or relaxation. Plus, almost all color-changing bulbs have practical uses too, like they're dimmable either then can mimic the way natural light changes throughout the day. Hence, just catch on to the LED color changing light bulb trend now to bring countless shades of vivid, brightly-colored light to your home.

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Home isn't just a place but can be a feeling sometimes, and good lighting truly affects the ambience and mood of space then bring each room to life. With our tips and considerations for home lighting improvements here, getting the right light for you home while creating the perfect environment for family and friends is just a piece of cake. What are you waiting for? Just follow our guide to boost your home value right now.