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6 Best Smart Bulbs that are Fully Compatible with Alexa Devices

When voice-controlled devices go viral around the world, alexa smart bulbs also become one of the most popular categories that people would like to shop with, which enables you to use your voice to turn them on and off, adjust colors, and more whenever you ask.

However, with a lot of options showing on the market, choosing the best smart bulb for alexa voice control is not so easy, but depends on a couple of different factors like your budget, home design, lighting fixtures, and the extra features or functions you want. Keep reading and we're giving away a list of the best smart bulbs for alexa of 2020.

enlightened LOHAS LED SMART LIGHT BULBS enlightened

Our top pick is the LOHAS LED Smart Light Bulb since this type of smart bulb incorporates almost all the fabulous features you can imagine at a very affordable price of 29.99$. It doesn't need any additional connection to use your light with an expensive hub, convenient to use by simply adding bulbs to your Wi-Fi network and controlling with your voice. Moreover, using the LOHAS Smart App or TUYA Smart App on your phone can remotely switch the color, dim or brighten, group home bulbs together or create a schedule. Thus, this smart bulb is not only an illuminator to light up and safeguard your room, but also a mood creator as it shines 16 million colors, 6000K daylight white & 2700K warm white light among 8 static and dynamic scene modes for different scenarios.

Technical Details Comparison of LOHAS LED Smart Bulbs

google home bulb

candelabra color changing light bulb

e26 color changing
light bulb

e26 amazon alexa light bulbs

gu10 smart bulb
Price $26.99/2 Pack $23.99/2 Pack $21.99/2 Pack $24.99/2 Pack $19.99/2 Pack
Lumen 450LM 450LM 450LM 720LM 380LM
(Replacement Watt)
(40W Equivalent)
(40W Equivalent)
(60W Equivalent)
(50W Equivalent)
(50W Equivalent)
Light Color RGB &
Tunable White
RGB & Tunable White RGB &
Cool White
Daylight White Warm White
Color Temperature 2700K-6000K 2700K-6000K 2700K-6000K 5000K 2700k
Shape Type C35 C35 A19 Light Bulb A19 Light Bulb Spotlight
Base Type e12 base e12 base e26 base e26 base gu10 base
Key Function Controlled by Voice and APP Generate over 16 million light colors Generate over 16 million light colors Controlled by Voice and APP Controlled by Voice and APP

enlightened PHILIPS HUE SMART LIGHT BULBS enlightened

If you want a wallet-friendly smart bulb for daily home lighting, Philips Hue A21 1,600 Lumen Bulb is a great option. It sells at 20$ and can be placed anywhere because of its shades of white light, whether used for applying makeup or shaving in the bathroom, reading, holding parties in the living room or cooking in the kitchen. Fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it can turn the lights on/off or set the desired brightness via voice command when you come back home with many things in hands. For more convenience, dding a Hue Hub(Sold Separately) to the bulb can unlock other stunning functions - remote and group control that enables you to control over 80 lights at once.

enlightened RING SMART LIGHT BULBS enlightened

Ring is a trusted smart home brand that is known for its security camera lighting products. What we share today is this affordable A19 smart bulb that emits 800 lumens(60-watta equivalent) of brightness for your room. Like other voice-controlled lights, this smart light also works with Alexa. Plus, being able to grouped with other Ring lights and devices is its another spotlight, which casts a glow onto your walkway and deters burglars to improve the home security when you’re away.

enlightened LIFX SMART LIGHT BULBS enlightened

This 1,100 lumen(75-watt) color bulb can be used directly out of the box without needing a hub for connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Like other smart bulbs, you can set the bulbs into groups, create routines, or adjust the brightness or switch on/off with your voice. It provides millions of colors and tunable white light to create your ambience and mood for various scenes. What makes this Alexa smart bulb stand out from other smart bulbs is its waterproof design, so it can be used both indoor and outdoor. However, it’s a little more expensive, so you need to pay a premium for all the conveniences it brings.

enlightened TP-LINK SMART LIGHT BULBS enlightened

After connecting this simple A19 smart light bulb to your home Wi-Fi network, you can control it directly from anywhere using the Kasa app on your smartphone(iOS/Android) or with your voice via Alexa and Google Assistant, which is much easier to adjust the light appearance, create routine and set scenes. Thanks to the tunable white design, this bulb can switch from 2700K soft warm white to 6500K daylight to suit different lighting needs. Moreover, when you switch to the carcadian mode, this smart bulb will match light appearance to the time of day and automatically switch the brightness as the sun rises and sets. Plus, it fits most standard base socket, which is an energy-saving alternative to a 60W traditional filament light bulb as the same luminance of 800lm.

enlightened LIFX BR30 SMART LIGHT BULB enlightened

If you have recessed light fixtures or pendant light fixtures, Lifx + Color 1000 BR30 Color-Changing Smart Bulb is a solid choice. This bulb works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit or Google Assistant to support dimming, shades of white and color settings through voice or remote control. Also, you can set your lights to come on or off at any time of the day and switch the brightness, color temperature as the surrounding light changes to enhance your health and lifestyle. This smart light helps to extend the vision of your camera down long hallways, outside windows and around dark corners to improve your home's security.

The above 6 best alexa-controlled smart bulbs differ from each other in brightness, color temperature, whether needs hub connection, how many lights can be grouped and more. Just examine your specific needs and find the right bulb.