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LOHASLED help you create a healthy lighting atmosphere

LOHASLED room by room lighting design case

In high-end villas and star hotel spaces, because people need to stay in the space for a long time, the quality of the lighting interval often affects people's psychological emotions, but more important than emotions is human health, so in lighting design, Not only to consider a comfortable and dazzling lighting environment, but also a healthy lighting environment. Comfortable light environment, anti-glare is only gradually, more important is a healthy light environment.

LOHAS LED has many innovative technologies, which not only provide better and more comfortable light output, but also bring you a higher level of lighting environment-healthy lighting.

About 1/3 of a person's life is spent in sleep, and good sleep is a sign of people's health. More and more modern people's living standards are improving and they are paying more and more attention to health. The importance of sleep and quality of sleep is gradually getting people's attention. But at the same time, various "unable to sleep", "don't want to sleep" and "unable to sleep" unhealthy sleep phenomena are increasing, resulting in a variety of diseases. Sleep problems such as light sleep and insomnia have become the main hazards that affect people's health and even life expectancy.

Studies have shown that the third type of photoreceptor cells, retinal specializd photoreceptor ganglion cells (ipRGC), are only involved in regulating the body ’s biological cycle rhyth, and at the same time affect the secretion of melatonin in the human body. It is also related to inhibiting the growth of vitamins.

LOHASLED technology developed a special light color light source chip that is beneficial to human health. This light color is full of warmth and comfort, making it easier for people to relax their nerves. This is precisely the angle that increases the secretion of melatonin hormones and adjusts the body from The physical state from evening to night helps the human body improve the quality of sleep. I hope to bring a healthier light to everyone who loves life; this light color is not only suitable for family residences; it is more suitable for suites, clubs, villas and other places.

LOHASLED regularly adjusts the brightness of the light to achieve a gradual wake-up effect. No matter physical or psychological, it will be effectively buffered during this process, improve the quality of sleep, and provide the first support for your work and life.