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Specification for Lohas BR30 Smart LED Bulb

Some ones would always hold opinions that reviews should only do by third-party authority which would be much more credible,but I dont think so,coz the producter himself knows best about his design of this product is for what for whom and how to use is better. As it says that “It is the father he knows”.Ok,let us move into meat: Review or objective specification of Lohas BR30 Smart LED Bulb.

The BR30-shaped Lohas BR30 Smart LED Bulb is is one new release floodlights in this fall.It is sold at a price of 36.99 USD on amazon.com,it seems higher than others,but compared to the 1st generation Lohas A19 Smart LED Bulb,it has changed into a better performance that output and phone connection more stable and easily,parameter much more accurate and comfortably above the target.

Downlight lamp applicative:The most distinct differance is that this Bar30-shaped light can be used in a downlight lamp,its product dimension is 3.6 x 3.6 x 5.4 inches and weight 5.6 ounces,fit in the standard lamp(4 x 4 x 6) in most US homes.

Right color:Even lighting output,with more lamp heads inside than others which ensure that the lighting color change in a blanced process and output accurately and scenes beautiful,say in another words:white is the true white and bright enough,warm white is really warm and soft.The reason that I maintain this point is that some others lighting output is just not the same as u image.

And the main features:
  1. Controlled by app on smart phones(Android 4.1 above or IOS 8.0 above).
  2. Controlled by voice.Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  3. Controlled by authorized person.u can approve some one who have an account on the app to controll your light
  4. Controlled remotely.due to the first point
  5. Save money.At just 9W, each one will add less than a buck to your yearly energy bill if you run it at the brightest setting for three hours a day. By comparison, a standard 65W incandescent floodlight at three hours of usage per day will add almost $8 to your yearly energy bill.
  6. Parameters:
    Shape:BAR 30
    CRI: >80Ra
    Color: Multicolored
    Luminous Intensity: 1000LM
    Material: PC
    IP: IP20
    LED Working Temperature: -25 degree - +45 degree
    Life Span: 30,000 hours (over 16 years with 5 hours/day)