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The 3 Best LED Night Lights of 2020

Nowadays, the use of night lights is becoming more and more common. Night lights are usually used as auxiliary lighting, emitting a very soft light that helps you see your surroundings at night without causing glare or interfering with sleep, which is convenient and safe for both adults and children. But how to pick the right one still bothers many people. So today we've written this article, from the benefits of using night lights, to how to choose from, and the 3 best types of LED night lights on the market.

What Are Night Light Benefits?
What to Look for in an Night Light
3 Best LED Night light for the Hallway, Room or a Dark Staircase

What Are Night Light Benefits?

As mentioned at the beginning, the night light is convenient and safe for both adults and children. What leads to this conclusion? Below are some facts about the benefits of using night lights.

blush Safety:
Many people always stumble when they go to bathroom or kitchen at night, but this is no longer the case if there is a night light on.

blush Comfort:
Emitting a very soft light, night lights create a warm comfortable sleep environment for your children, so they won’
t be afraid of the dark and sleep peacefully throughout the night.

blush Security:
By keeping the night light in your child
s room on, you can check on your child anytime at night without having to turn on other lights to disturb their sleep.

blush Convenience:
If your child is still young, it is inevitable to feed and change diapers at night. Using the night light to light the night and make feeding and diaper changing easier.

blush Energt-saving:
Some people often turn on the main light to light up the living room or child'
s room, which helps but adds a lot of unnecessary electricity bills. On the contrary, night lights always consume very little energy.

blush Eye-caring: The brightness of your main light is too bright and dazzling as well, which is not friendly for sleeping. However, night lights will provide lower brightness, but sufficient lighting.

What to Look for in an Night Light

Reading here, some of you may be itching to get one. But before your purchasing a night light, something that can help you quickly choose the right one should be paid attention.

Human Friendly Night Lights

As we can see from the above, night lights are mainly used for safety, so LED must be the best choice. You know that appliances that get too hot can be a fire hazard. However, LED night lights do not easy to generate heat. Because LED is a kind of cold light source, that means the light it emits is low in heat and safe for children and pets.

Traditional or Functional Night Lights

Traditional night lights refer to lights with a single lighting function. If you don't need any additional features, opt for a traditional night light. But if basic lighting isn't enough for you, then it's definitely functional. Functional LED night lights usually can do many thing, such as brightness adjustment, automatic on/off, etc. With the development of technology, the cost performance of LED night lights with various functions is also getting higher and higher.

Suitable for Your Home Decor

Nowadays, LED night lights come in a diversity of shapes and sizes and are commonly used for supplemental lighting and decorative purposes, installed on the head of a bed, livingroom, hallway on the wall or pillar. Therefore, choosing one that suits your decor becomes particularly important.

3 Best LED Night light for the Hallway, Room or a Dark Staircase

Different shapes, sizes and functions can meet different lighting needs. And to help you quickly pick out the best night light, we are here to show you 3 best LED night lights for your reference, used in the hallway, room or a dark staircase, etc.

LOHAS LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

LOHAS LED night light is a plug-in LED night light. Unlike other ordinary night lights, this plug-in dusk to dawn night light features a slider switch at the top, allowing you to adjust the brightness as needed. For example, keeping the brightness to a minimum during your children's sleep to create a slightly bright sleeping environment without affecting their sleep. What is worth mentioning, you can also dim the light to 0lm to turn it off. This humanized design appeals to most people.

Technical Details Comparison of LOHAS LED Night Lights

Daylight Dimmable Night Light

Yellow Dusk to Dawn Night Light

Soft Light Dusk to Dawn Night Light

RGB Dusk to Dawn Night Light

Soft White Portable Night Light
On Sales × × ×
Price $21.99/2 Pack $13.79/2 Pack
(40% OFF)
$10.79/2 Pack
(40% OFF)
$13.99/2 Pack $16.99/2 Pack
(incl. 2 USB Cable)
Light Color Daylight White
Amber Yellow Warm White
Soft White
Warm White
Features *Dusk to Dawn Sensor
*Brightness Adjustable
*Dusk to Dawn Sensor
*Brightness Adjustable
*Dusk to Dawn Sensor
*Brightness Adjustable
*Dusk to Dawn Sensor
*Button Control
*8 Solid Color & Dynamic Color Modes
*Two Brightness Available
*Low Blue Light
Watt 1W
(15W Equivalent)
(15W Equivalent)
(15W Equivalent)
(15W Equivalent)
Brightness 5-80LM
(by Slide Switch)
(by Slide Switch)
(by Slide Switch)
30 LM 15LM(20% brightness)
40LM(100% brightness)

Yoyoo LED Plug Night Light

Yoyoo LED plug night light is a kind of color-changing LED night light, available in 8 colors: red, green, blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow and teal. Not only that, you can also switch between three different lighting modes. Solid-color mode lets you to choose your favorite of the eight available colors, color-changing mode automatically cycles through the available colors and soft-white mode allows you to opt for a more traditional night light. All of these allow you to create a different lighting atmosphere. And the oval appearance makes it suitable for any room in your home.

Eufy Lumi Plug-in Night Light

With fine and compact design, this plug-in night light from Eufy is designed to save space and keep second outlet available for use. It looks inconspicuous but provides you with low brightness to light up the surroundings. The curved backplate adds to the svelte design while producing an even light. This kind of night light comes in a pack of 4, allowing you to install it anywhere in your home, not only in your childs room, but also in living rooms, hallway, etc.

LED night lights are increasingly becoming an essential part of home interior lighting. For the safety of you and your family, it's time to choose your favorite and install them in your home.