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Strengths of Full Spectrum Light Bulbs For Daily Life

When we are looking for grow lights, we always come across many different types of bulbs for us to choose from. Like LED and fluorescent bulbs, full-spectrum bulbs are said to offer many unique benefits to those who replace standard incandescent or CFLs with them. In this article, we'll give some of our own views on full-spectrum light bulbs. Can let you know a lot of strengths of full-spectrum light bulbs for daily life!

What is a full spectrum light bulb?

In fact, full-spectrum bulbs are another name for fluorescent bulbs, because they emit a full spectrum of visible light, which is similar to the spectrum emitted by the sun.

Using the Color Rendering Index (CRI), you can start evaluating full-spectrum bulbs around 90, although a CRI of 100 would be a perfect full-spectrum bulb. A CRI of 100 is the same as the natural light of the sun.

Therefore, it can play a different role in some specific places.

So where can full spectrum led light bulbs to be used?

1. Full-spectrum light bulbs are said to help people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

There are many people in the world who suffer from the seasonal affective disorder and also become seasonal depression. Some believe this is due to a lack of natural light in winter, and some manufacturers of full-spectrum light bulbs claim that patients with SAD should replace regular light fixtures in their homes with full-spectrum types, as this can trick their bodies into thinking that Accept more sunlight during your waking hours.

2. It can be used to supplement the photosynthesis that plants lack

Anyone who has ever grown plants at home knows that winter is the worst time to grow plants and most plants die from the cold. Therefore, many plantings will be considered indoors, but then the plants will cause many diseases due to the lack of natural light.

And full spectrum led grow light bulbs largely make up for the regret of growers who use full-spectrum plant bulbs during the winter to help indoor herbs and plants grow happily and maintain their daily photosynthesis.

3. Can provide good color temperature

Because full-spectrum light bulbs are not much different from natural sunlight, objects affected by them appear as if they were during the day.

The above are some of the advantages of full-spectrum light bulbs. If you have better opinions, please add them in the comment area!