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What Does IP65 Mean for Your Solar Lights?

Today, more and more people incline to install solar lights outdoor. And if you're also planning to do so, don't think that is a piece of cake. You'll have to rack your brains once you start your purchase.

To ensure your solar lighting can be safely used outdoor, the first thing you should do is to know how waterproof your lighting is. The IP Rating tells you just that. But what does IP refer to? What does IP65 mean for solar lights? Check out this post to find the answer.

What does IP stand for?
What is IP65?
The best IP65 solar light for outdoor use.

What does IP stand for?

IP is short for Ingress Protection, which is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids, reflecting the suitability of electrical appliances fitting to specific environmental conditions in outdoor installations.

The ingress protection consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. The first digit refers to the range of appliances anti-dust resistance, that is, the level of equipment against dust and solid foreign objects. The highest level is 6. The second digit refers to the degree of airtightness of the appliance against moisture immersion. Namely, the level at which the equipment prevents liquids from entering. The highest level is 8. Generally speaking, the larger the number is, the greater the protection of appliance will be.

What is IP65?

Before we explaining what specific hazards an IP65 solar light can withstand, take a look at the chart below to better understand the protection offered with each number.

From above chart, we can see that the digit "6" stands for "Dust Tight. No ingress of dust", and "5" for "Protected against water jets from any angle". So, if you find your lighting having the specification of IP65, it means they are provided full protection against solid foreign objects and low-pressure water jets from any direction. In general, anytime you are purchasing a solar light, it should be IP65 rated to promise it can be safely used outdoors.

Meanwhile, when we take a look at the chart, there is no obvious difference between IP65, IP67 and IP68, but mainly varies for the resistance to liquids. That is, compared with IP65 LED lights, the one rates as IP67 or IP68 will have better water resistance, but not by much. The IP67 indicates the light can be temporarily submerged in water (3 feet for 30 minutes). The IP68 indicates the light can be permanently submerged in water (up to 13 feet). For outdoor applications, the IP rating most commonly used for LED lights is IP65, as it provides maximum protection against solid objects and good resistance to liquids. That said, the IP65 solar lights are excellent enough for outdoor lighting.

The best IP65 solar light for outdoor use.

This powerful solar light from LOHAS LED is the best choice for outdoor use. With the term "IP65" applied to their package, it's waterproof and solid enough to easily go through the bad weather, such as wind, rain and snow. Then, equipped with 8 LED chips and high quality solar panel, it emits daylight white 6000K and works for 6-8 hours, providing you with bright lighting until dawn. What's more, with the built-in photocell sensor, this solar yard light is a kind of dusk to dawn light, which means they can automatically turn on at dusk and turn off when it's dawn without requiring any electricity or power. So, having LOHAS LED solar lights installed outdoor can also contribute to protecting environment and saving a ton of electricity bills. Plus, the small size (3.94*2.24*1.18 inches) it own also make this outdoor solar light an ideal choice for using as porch lights.

After reading this post, now you may have a fully understanding of IP rating. IP rating is always important for using LED lights. And if you are searching for any lighting to be used outdoor, the IP65 solar light we introduced above is an ideal choice. As always, if you find this post helpful, share it with your friends and keep it with you at all times.