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Choose The Correct Wattage Of GU10 Light Bulb|LOHAS LED

Generally,when we are considering what wattage will a room need, we are actually pursuing a certain brightness that would be perfect for the room.

While many people believe higher wattage equals to a high light output, so it would just be fine to choose a high wattage GU10 light bulb for a room’s recessed light fixtures that need to emits bright light. But this would be hard to achieve the lighting effect. Because too much light will cause light pollution, but too little will fail to achieve the lighting plan. To choose the correct wattage for a room, one of the important measurements is luminous flux.

What is luminous flux?

Luminous flux refers to the amount of light given out through a solid angle of 1 steradian by a point source of 1 candela intensity radiating uniformly in all directions. Lumen is the unit of luminous flux. To make it simple, we can refer to lumen to measure what we say light output or brightness.

winkWhat is a wattage

But what people actually ask when choosing lights is wattage, so what’s the relationship between wattage and lumen? A watt refers to the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light. What bring wattage and lumen together is luminous efficacy. Luminous efficacy is a measure of how well a light source produces visible light. It is the ratio of luminous flux to power, measured in lumens per watt. Mostly, the luminous efficacy of an LED light is 80-100 lm/w, which is much higher than the 45 lm/w of a FCL or the 15 lm/w of an incandescent. That means an LED light will have a greater ability to convert electricity into light.

Choose the correct wattage for rooms

Let’s say you have a 20W LED bulb, and the luminous efficacy is 100 lm/w, then the brightness of the bulb giving out is 2,000 lm which is enough to light up a 10㎡ room. You can also divide the lighting into two or more sources. Take Lohas GU10 bulb as an example, 5 of the 5W 450LM GU10 bulbs would be adequate for the 10㎡ room. Lohas GU10 LED daylight white bulbs emit output of 450 lumen, consuming only 5W but still providing qualified light to the room.

But brightness needed by rooms with different functions varies. For a bedroom, lights should be soft and easy to the eye, because people need a comfortable atmosphere to get ready for sleeping. In this case, the bulb’s wattage needs to be relatively low. For a study room in which we work or study, brightness needed would be much greater than a bedroom, which means you need to choose a higher wattage bulb or more light sources with low wattage. Besides, you can also choose LED GU10 dimmable light bulbs for study room. If you find the brightness is not enough for reading, just set the brightness as needed!