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What makes grow lights special?

It's fair to say that light is the most essential element for plants to grow healthily. More and more new growers are getting a start on indoor grow lights but confused about what makes grow lights special. Here you can have a brief understanding of what is LED plant grow lights and why they are different from our LED bulbs that used to illuminate spaces.

We’ll cover the following topics:

What is a plant grow light?
Why UV and IR good for plant cultivation?
Tips to use indoor grow light for plants

What is LED plant grow light?

Grow light is a sun-like full spectrum light for indoor planting. Sunlight is full-spectrum which contains ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light. Each has a unique function to plants in different growing stages.

Visible light, covering seven colors, is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by human eyes. But not all colors are useful to plants. Among the seven colors, red light and blue light are what is actually needed by plants in their growing stages. The red light will promote blooming and bearing fruits. The blue light will trigger plants to take roots. So you will see that most grow lights for indoor plants are blue and red and the two colors look so purple together in growing spaces.

However, the purpose of increasing the amount of a certain color in a light source can only be achieved by LEDs. People can control the colors of LEDs by changing electric current and led light don’t produce much heat. While other kinds of light bulbs are not able to do so. Led light is so playful that people start to apply led to various fields, including creating seedling grow light and highest yielding led grow light for plant cultivation.

Why UV and IR good for plant cultivation?

Full-spectrum led grow light contains not only visible light, they also have infrared (IR) light and ultraviolet (UV) light.

UV rays are not pleasing to humans as they make our skins tanned or even cause cancer. But UV rays are good for plants. They help plants to form shapes, growing beautiful colors, and improve resistance to the external environment. For those who can only grow plants in shady interior spaces, UV grow lights are needed. Besides, short UV radiation will also help prevent plants from growing stems without flowering, and even kill germs that are harmful to plants’ growth.

IR rays mostly produce heat. Plants and crops need heat to grow vibrant. And you will need an IR light as a fill light in hydroponics--growing plants without soil.

Tips to use indoor grow light for plants

LED bulbs used to illuminate spaces contain only visible light, while grow light for indoor plants are full-spectrum with UV, IR and visible lights to promote plant growing healthily in the whole growing stages. Plants usually have four growing stages of germination, seedling, veg, and bloom. As plants need different light intensities in each stage, you need to adjust the amount of light that plants are exposed to. Light efficiency and the distance between plants and grow lights will affect the light intensity. To make it easier for new growers, we will give you some tips on how to use the grow light in the four stages.

l In germination, hang the light at 24 to 30 inches height and turn the light on for 18 hours a day and off for 6 hours. You will see a good see germination.
l In the seedling stage, you can place the light a bit closer to the plants. Hanging the light at 24 inches height and turn it on 18 hours a day and off 6 hours too in this stage.
l You can put the light even closer in veg stage. 18 to 24 inches would be better. Turn the light on and off at the same time spacing.
l Plants need higher light intensity when the first blossom emerges. Adjusting the light 12-18 inches will offer more light to the plants. But they also need more time to get a rest, so it’s better to turn the light on and off or 12 hours.

Though this may look tricky, a professional grow light will ease the whole process for you. Grow light nowadays are multifunctional. A simple press on the remote will control the light to do what you need it to do. For example, set the light to be on and off automatically, set the brightness and timing, etc.

But light is only one of the factors that ensure the healthy growth of your plants. Soil, water and airflow will also have a significant impact on it. If these are well prepared, then an LED grow light will definitely surprise you in plant cultivation.

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