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Take LOHAS LED Yellow Bugs Lights to Keep Bugs Away Now

When you left the porch lights on in summertime, you must have risked attracting a veritable plague of mosquitoes, moths, and other annoying insects, which keeps you off the porch and move back inside soon. In that case, you would like to take steps to prevent insect infestations, and one common way is to use a yellow bugs light which is advertised as keeping away all sorts of bugs without killing them.

The question is, will yellow bug bulbs actually work, and how? To figure this out, we've made this post here.

Why Some Bugs Are Attracted to Light?
How Bug Lights Work
Will a Yellow Bug Light Actually Keep Bugs Away?
Keep Bugs Away Now with LOHAS LED Yellow Bugs Light Bulb

Why Some Bugs Are Attracted to Light

To answer will a yellow bugs light actually keep bugs away, let's start by clearing up why some bugs are attracted to light. And that could be easily put down to the positive phototaxis in their bodies, making it a natural instinct for many flying insects to move towards the light and hover around it.

Phototaxis is the scientific term for how an organism's body reacts to light. Among that, positive phototaxis lets an animal have a natural instinct to be attracted to light, but negative phototaxis are the exact opposite: it makes an animal move away from light, and that's why some are attracted to lights while others are repelled by it. Surely, some insects can resist the urge even though they have positive phototaxis, but most of them like moths and flies still can't help themselves.

How Bug Lights Work
As we know, light is divided into multiple wavelengths which is measured in nanometers (nm), and the visible light range is varied from species to species. The human eye can only perceive a small band of wavelengths in the light spectrum, from about 390 to 750 nm but does not include ultraviolet (UV) light at 350 nm. However, most flying insects have trouble perceiving light with any wavelength higher than about 650 nm, and prefer light that is between 300-420 nm which includes UV light, blue and green. Then, taking advantage of the difference between human and insect eyes, bug lights work via shifting the wavelengths of the light further left on the spectrum to a point where it is nearly invisible to many flying insects.

Will a Yellow Bug Light Actually Keep Bugs Away?

According to what we mentioned above, insects generally see Ultraviolet (UV), blue and green light, and the bugs lights generally work by emitting the light that insects can't see, but which color of the bug light is the least attractive to most insects? The Yellowish!

Emitting the light that is similar to soft sunlight and less attractive to insect, yellow light perfectly makes it more difficult for bugs to see your light source while illuminating the area you want. Also, in addition to the color or wavelength of light, insects are also attracted to the brightness and to the heat from lights, therefore; it can keep bugs away for longer if you used a yellow LED bulb as it produces fewer heat than the regular one. All in all, with a LED yellow bug light, those insects stay away from your house and go bother someone further down the block!

Keep Bugs Away Now with LOHAS LED Yellow Bugs Light Bulb

So for now, stick to LOHAS led yellow bugs light bulbs to light your garden or porch this summer. Not only will it reduce the amount of insects hanging around, it's also a lot better for the environment than traditional globes. Win/win. Not only that, the yellow light it emits can stimulate the release of melatonin which really help you feel relaxed and let you have a peaceful sleeping. Therefore, wherever you install a lohas yellow light bulb, it is nice for indoor outdoor actives as the yellow hue of the bulb will keep pesky bugs away and bring more fun to your life.

Few things can turn a day into utter misery faster than a swarm of flying insects, and it's getting to be that time of the year again, when the weather starts warming up, and lots and lots of bugs coming. So, we're highly recommend you to have a Lohas led yellow bugs light before summer coming, as it's perfect to your front porch to provide sufficient illumination without attracting bugs.