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How To Use Succulent Plant Food During Growing?

The fact that most of the succulents do not know that they also need fertilizer to promote growth is really surprising. In fact, it is really not much different from other indoor plants. It not only requires fertilizer to promote growth but also requires regular watering; in winter, it must be combined with succulent grow lights to help it survive this cold winter. In order to make it grow more vigorous, please read the following article carefully, so that you can learn how to use succulent plant food during growing!

Succulent plant food-commercial fertilizer

Planting succulents do not require too much fertilizer, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary damage to the succulents. Generally speaking, you can go to a store that specializes in selling plants to buy ordinary commercial fertilizers and fertilize succulents at regular intervals.

Succulent plant food-succulent plant food DIY

In addition, there is also a kind of fertilizer that can be customized by hand. This is more convenient and affordable, does not cost too much money, and also allows plants to absorb better nutrients. At the same time, you can also increase your hands-on ability!

Succulent plant food-best succulent plant food

Manure tea fertilizer can be said to be one of the best fertilizers for succulents. It actually uses compost or manure as fertilizer, but it will not smell bad, especially recommended!

After the succulents are irrigated with irregular fertilizers, they will grow very healthily, especially with the use of manure tea fertilizer. Even if you fertilize regularly, it won’t cause problems for your succulents due to over-fertilization.

If you don’t want to use fertilizer, what else can you use as food for succulents?

Generally speaking, we can use some organic materials as a substitute for fertilizer. For example, you can break the eggshells and steep them in tea. Soak them overnight, and when you wake up the next day, you can pour them on your succulents. This way you can supplement succulents without using fertilizers.